How to digitize its training offer?

How to digitize its training offer

At a time when we all now have in the pocket an object that replaced a radio, a clock, a calculator, a camera, a mailbox, a weather station, a road atlas, a simultaneous translator, a supermarket, a press kiosk and so on, the question of the digitization of training could almost seem anachronistic. And yet … a lot of companies seem to be struggling to take the plunge. What are their fears based on? Is that right? What are the pitfalls to know and anticipate in order to pass the digitization of your training offer ? So many…

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Vinci Color Printer

3D color printing has been a rare feature, only available on specialized machines that have produced mixed results so far. The latest addition to XYZprinting is the da Vinci Color, a color 3D printer . The innovation is in the 3DColorJet technology, combining inkjet printing and 3D printing by melt deposition , also called Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF). The 3DColorJet technology mixes and cures CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) ink droplets onto a new filament type (Color PLA or CPLA), which allows accurate color printing through printed layers in products 3D finishes. The CPLA filament allows absorption of…

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