Why Alarm System for Home Makes Perfect Sense?

security alarm system

Increasing crime rates across the nation have prompted for more and better quality security measures to be installed to ensure the safety of your household. One such measure is a security alarm system for the house. A good alarm system should display the following characteristics: Round the clock monitoring of residence or workplace Real time connection with central system to trigger appropriate alerts Notify pre-validated contacts to prevent crime. With an alarm system, your surrounding can remain securely protected from unwanted or unauthorised intrusion. This leads to total confidence that…

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Cozmo, the programmable robot uses Code Lab to simplify programming

Cozmo, the programmable robot uses Code Lab

I was telling you a few days ago that programming is essential. So why not start at an early age? Indeed, in a world full of technology, learning to program becomes an essential skill for children to become creators of the technology they use and love. Cozmo , the miniature toy that resembles an improvised forklift truck, was one of the coolest toys of last year. The companion powered by artificial intelligence (AI) learns names and faces, plays games and even develops a personality to know your preferences. But Anki, the San Francisco startup behind Cozmo, thinks…

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