5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Viruses

Bitdefender antivirus software

Our increasing dependence on internet is obviously making our home computers and laptops highly vulnerable to attacks from malware and viruses. Each day highly sophisticated viruses and malware are released into the dot com world, and are desperately waiting to crash into your system. The only solution against these malicious elements is to take precautionary steps that not only will allow you to surf happily but also to get the best out of your home systems. With this in mind, we’ve brought 5 tips to keepyour home systems completely secure…

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Application Development Company

Tips to choose the best mobile app development companies

Businesses are increasingly embracing enterprise mobile app development to streamline their critical processes, enhance efficiency, increase productivity and earn high returns on investment. Custom apps can save as much as 7.5 hours per employee per week, says a report by CDW. Another report published by CITO Research in 2016,  which includes results from a survey of CXOs, VPs, Directors, and managers of large companies, mentioned that 30% of respondents cited improved business processes as the primary aim of their enterprise mobility endeavor. While 23% cited an increase in productivity as…

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