5 Important Reasons To Secure Your Home With A Video Intercom System

5 Important Reasons To Secure Your Home With A Video Intercom System

Looking for a better way to update the security of your home? What better way than to employ a video intercom at your door which will guard your premises all through the day. Not only that, there are so many other advantages that the intercom system grants, along with just protection of your home.

You don’t want to take any chance when it comes to your home security. Also, with the recent advancements in technology, it has become easier than ever to ensure your home’s security, whether you are at home or away. With a video intercom installed at your door, the safety and security of your home are doubled. The video intercoms come packed with features so you can be doubly assured that your house is being guarded at all times.

These popular and convenient safety systems have many advantages. Read on to find out why you should get one of these systems home too.

1.Enhanced Security: This is the primary and most important reason you would want to install the security system at home. With a video intercom installed, you will never have to put yourself or your family at risk again, whenever you have uninvited guests over. Without opening the doors, you will be able to see and talk to the visitor and assess if the visitor can gain access to the entry. The high-quality camera and clear and crisp audio also allow great visibility and audibility even in the dark.

Moreover, these systems are great where seniors and kids are usually at home, as they are the ones most targeted by burglars.

2.Access Control When You Are Away: These smart security systems provide you access to the security of your home, while you are away from home. The video intercoms offer services like live video calling, and door access, so your guests do not have to wait for you to get home to gain entry.

3.Record Keeping: Some of these intercom systems are designed to keep a record of every call received, or made, which can be accessed later. This also helps you keep a record of all the visitors you have had, in your presence or absence, with an inbuilt memory, and check it later in case there was any unauthorized entrance.

4.Convenience: The security systems also add to your comfort, as most of these systems can support up to 2 door locks and 4 indoor monitors usually, so you don’t have to rush to the door every time the bell rings. You can immediately open the door for your guests, from wherever you are in the house.

Additionally, the system can be integrated with CCTV cameras as well. That means, even when you do not have a visitor, you can simply have a look at your surroundings, by merely pressing a button on your intercom.

5.Restricting Access: Contrary to the common use, the intercom system can also be used to limit access to individual rooms. Providing video verification to certain people can gain them access to the restricted areas while keeping it secure from others.

It sure feels empowering to have your home secured with a video intercom system. Along with the primary reason of being safer, the intercom system has many other benefits. Install the system now, at your home or work, and be doubly assured of your premises being protected 24*7.

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