5 Killer e-Commerce Marketing Strategies That Work in 2018

e-Commerce Marketing Strategies

Online store owners should be familiar with e-commerce marketing strategies. Those who understand them will succeed and those who don’t will fail miserably.In fact, some people are tempted to think that running an e-commerce store is easy.Well, it’s not. It requires a lot of research, testing,and execution of new and proven marketing strategies.

Luckily though, here are five killer ecommerce marketing strategies that could take your online business to the next level.

Personalize the user experience.

The bounce rate is directly linked to the kind of ads, promotions, and products a site presents to a visitor. Personalizing the user experience isabout matching the visitor to the products in the store. Ideally, content personalization is about collecting information on the users’ browsing history, gender, location, age, and preference.

Using this tech, you could have targeted promotions, giveaways, and ads.Besides, the customized experience helps the clients find better products than their previous choice.However, there is a fine line between content personalization and invading privacy.

 For more information on customizing the user experience, consult a web developer.

Use social media to bring in more traffic to the site.

When you are done improving the user experience, your new focus should be bringing more traffic to the site. Social media offers an excellent platform to create awareness and engage potential customers. For example, e-commerce websites that use Instagram have more engagement than those who don’t. However, your success on Instagram depends on the choice of hashtags, filters, and the time you post the content.

On the other hand, Facebook lets you advertise, engage, and sell your product to its billions of active users. It targets users according to age, gender, location, and preferences through a advanced algorithm.Then, it gives you an option to pay for targeted ads for your Facebook store and website.

Improve your email subscription.

According to experienced marketers, email lists generate more conversion than Facebook or Twitter. So, for a marketer, building your existing email list should be one of your top priorities. In fact, people who use email as a tool for their e-commerce marketing report a 4,300% ROI.For best results, send subscribers notifications and reminders on special offers, campaigns, and coupons.

Have a live chat on the site.

Adding a “let’s chat now” function on your site reduces the number of abandoned carts. Think about it, would you spend your money on a deserted store? The chat acts as the storekeeper.It helps customers make decisions and clarify any concerns such as shipping time, discounts, and more.

Include product reviews on the website.

Adding reviews to your e-commerce store could greatly improve your conversion rate. First, the potential customers get real information about products from previous clients. Mostly, these reviews are helpful. They point out the little problems customers experience. With this information, it’s easy to make the necessary adjustments. As an added advantage, the reviews increase the relevant keywords on the site, resulting in a better Google ranking.

Using this five killer e-commerce marketing strategies, you stand a chance to increase your conversion rate exponentially. However, the internet marketing space changes regularly. Therefore, keep your eyes open and stay adaptable.

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