5 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from Viruses

Bitdefender antivirus software

Our increasing dependence on internet is obviously making our home computers and laptops highly vulnerable to attacks from malware and viruses. Each day highly sophisticated viruses and malware are released into the dot com world, and are desperately waiting to crash into your system. The only solution against these malicious elements is to take precautionary steps that not only will allow you to surf happily but also to get the best out of your home systems. With this in mind, we’ve brought 5 tips to keepyour home systems completely secure from viruses.

Run system scan for viruses and malwares periodically: An antivirus scan is of little or no use if you don’t rum a system scan periodically. This despite the fact that most antiviruses continuously run background checksto detect viruses and malwares. However, these background checks are unable to detect many of advanced malware and complicated viruses hidden in many of the files in our computer hard drives. The only way to detect these malicious elements is to run a system scan on a timely basis.

But system scan can fetch you good results provided thatyou’ve installed a good antivirus software. Although there are quite a few good ones available, we’d like you to try out Bitdefender antivirus software. Bitdefender is one of the leading online security solution companies which provides security and assurance to users about their data and privacy. This award winning anti-virus software offers comprehensive solutions to PCs, Macs and also mobile devices. It also provides a complete IoT security solution that manages all the devices in your home network and secures them through a single mobile app.

Maintain Browsing hygiene: Just as there is personal hygiene, there is also browsing hygiene. Browsing hygiene likewise constitutes of several do and don’t rules. Every browser used should be mindful of these rules while browsing the internet. Some of these very important rules include not clicking on any suspicious links, avoid opening spam mails and downloading software and multimedia files only from trustworthy sites.

If you follow these golden rules then you’re most certainly maintaining a high standard of browsing hygiene and can be equally sure about keeping those viruses and malwares at bay.

Make sure to check external devices: Many a times we connect several external devices like pen drive, compact discs and external hard drives to our home systems for various purposes. It is immensely important to do proper virus scan of all these external devices every time we connect them to our home systems. Scanning them becomes all the more important if we’ve sourced it from our friends or other unknown sources.

In case, if we chose not to scan these devices then we’re certainly putting our computers and laptops at a huge risk of getting them inflicted by viruses and malwares.

Not Updating Software is a Huge Mistake: There are many PC users who are completely unaware about how having too many non-updated apps in your system can make your entire system vulnerable to viruses and malware attacks. This obviously implies that it is immensely critical to ensure that all the software in your system are updated from time to time. There is, however, no need to manually check whether all your software is updated or not. Today you can automatically check the update status through your antivirus software.

Always ensure that your firewall is never turned off: An active firewall always helps in protecting your system from all types of potential threats including hackers that are always waiting to prey on your machines. Hence it is immensely important to ensure that your computer firewall is always turned on.

Sometimes many users tend to turn off their firewalls in a bid to perform several complicated operations. Needless to say, such self-indulgent actions can land your home system in big trouble.

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