A Guide to Business Broadband

H1: A Guide to Business Broadband

If you run your own business, you will understand the importance of being able to communicate both reliably and efficiently with your clients. One of the main ways in which we do this is by using the internet, both to send and receive emails as well as access the data we need.

For this reason, the quality of your internet connection is important, and needs to be far more resilient than the type of broadband connection you would use at home. If you need help with your business broadband provision, this article will outline all that you need to know.

How is Business Broadband Different from Home Broadband?

Home broadband typically provides you with an internet connection that is shared with other people in your area. This means that the speeds you receive are subject to fluctuation during peak times when the network is under strain. In addition, you might find yourself subject to fair usage restrictions if you’ve downloaded too much data.

Business broadband on the other hand provides the ability to procure a dedicated line which is provided to you for your sole use and isn’t shared with anyone else. This will usually result in added security as well as a more stable connection and faster speeds.

Business Broadband: 24 Hour Support

Your business requires 24 hour connectivity to allow you to serve your clients and customers. For this reason, unscheduled downtime has the ability to reduce your productivity and impact on your turnover.

Business broadband packages come with a level of support that is unmatched by a typical broadband connection with dedicated staff on hand to assist you 24 hours a day.

Business Broadband: Guaranteed Speeds

If you’re provided with a dedicated line, your broadband supplier can offer you a guaranteed level of performance from your internet connection. If the services your company provides are data intensive, this benefit alone can be well worth seeking a suitable business broadband package.

Business Broadband: Support for Remote Locations

Obtaining a decent internet connection when you’re miles away from a built-up area can be difficult. When taking out a business broadband package you can;

  • Specify a satellite connection which will provide you with reliable and sustained internet access in the most difficult to access locations.
  • Access data transfer speeds that would be unobtainable through a regular broadband connection.

Business Broadband: Increased Security

If you handle a lot of sensitive data, it is important that you retain complete control over it. One way to make this easier is by the use of a dedicated line which no one else is sharing. This has the ability to increase your resilience to cyber-attacks in conjunction with traditional methods of IT security.

Switching to Business Broadband

Business broadband packages are available from a variety of suppliers across Australia, some of which also supply conventional home broadband. alink247.com are one such company but there are several out there who can assist. Be sure to shop around to ensure value for money and that the service you procure meets your requirements.

The right business broadband package can work wonders for the productivity of any business, big or small.

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