Advantages of IP Phones

Advantages of IP Phones

An Internet Protocol or Voice Internet Protocol (VoIP) VoIP phone alters voice vibrations to compacted numerical digital signals, which convert to Internet Protocol (IP) packets. These IP packets are then broadcast and adapted to a standard telephone signal if the user has a regular telephone. Essentially, IP or VoIP pones let businesses and individuals make phone calls through their personal computers.

Advantages of IP Phones of IP Phones Include:

Better Productivity

IP Phones allow individuals to do multiple tasks without interruption. And, of course, when an individual is more productive, a business is more productive. It further lets a business reassign funds; usually funds spent on traditional telephone expenses, to more useful expenditures.  IP Phones are also multi-dimensional.  They allow users to conduct virtual meetings and to easily share documents.

IP Phones Assimilate With Other Systems

Because IP Phones are Internet based, they easily assimilate with other business applications.  A user can access voice mails, emails, check their calendar, make appointments, and transcribe notes, all while conversing.

Improved Flexibility

An individual using an IP Phone can speak to a person and move about with their adapter.  They can take it anywhere they want and hold their conversation anywhere they please.  That means, the individual or worker could be out of the officer and/or in the field or even in another country and still be in communication and still conducting business as usual.

Reduce and/or Eliminate the Number of Phones

A business never knows how many phones it may need and oftentimes, it has to estimate its budgets to cover telephone expense, which can be quite expensive. IP Phones completely eliminate that need. You only add a line whenever you add a new employee and, if an employee leaves, you simply remove or transfer that line. And, you usually always have the correct amount of lines.

Simple Installation, Simple to Use, and Simple to Figure Out

IP Phones are easy to install, even for someone with very limited technical knowledge. There’s no hardware or software and no one has to come to the home or business and run wires through the walls. Within minutes, the user is ready to go.  It’s also easy to add or vary the system’s structure. There’s no more unsightly bundles and bunches of cables and time wasted figuring out which line goes to which device or the worry and added problems of shutting down the wrong device. And, limiting all those cables reduces fire hazards. IP phones bring an individual’s and/or businesses’ information together and stores it on a single network, all of which boosts productivity, manageability, and lowers costs.

These are really just a few of the advantages IP Phones offer. They simply make sense for the individual and especially businesses.

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