Apple starts to teaser iOS 11 to owners of iPhone and iPad

Apple starts to teaser iOS 11 to owners of iPhone and iPad

The future iPhone 8 will be launched in a few days, as will the new iOS 11 , the latest software update from Apple that is currently in the tenth beta, which launch to the general public is scheduled later this month, this.

Apple has not confirmed the release date of iOS 11, but it is expected that the new version will be released in September, as it will be installed on the new iPhone introduced on September 12th. This means that Apple should finalize the operating system in the coming days, with the recently released beta likely to be the latest.

Another sign that iOS 11 is almost finished is the Apple marketing campaign involving the operating system. Indeed, current users of iPhone and iPad have begun to receive notifications that focus on some new features of the OS update, iOS 11 .

iOS 11 launched this month

iOS 11 will bring multiple improvements

Notifications are sent to the iDevice of the user, and some ”  Learn more about the new Control Center that arrives in iOS 11  ” to encourage users to use them and read a description of each feature. Obviously, Apple sends various notifications for the features it has announced for iOS 11, including the Files app, Do not Disturb while Driving, and so the new Control Center.

These notifications are tailored to each device, so that iPhone users will not have the same notifications as those with an iPad, as the features of iOS 11 are also different . For example, iOS 11 on iPad will bring new options for interacting with dock, drag-and-drop support, or enhanced multitasking.

There is still no release date for iOS 11, but Apple raising the veil on the new iPhone on September 12, it is likely that the new version of the OS will not delay. The iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, 4th generation iPad and older models are the only ones that will not get the new iOS 11. So if your device is newer than this one, you should experiment the total operating system power updated.

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