Bonk Be Live : The Social Streaming App to Make Money

Bonk Be Live

Bonk Be Live  has created a revolution in the industry. The app is just a year old and it has become one of the best social streaming platforms around the globe. With some of the most exclusive features in its trunk, Bonk Be Live  thrives to become the top leader in the live streaming app industry.

It is coded by the most experienced developers on this planet working with Boink Live Streaming Corporation. This application is specifically tailored for the youth of generation Z who believe in technology. Its ultramodern interface catches the user’s eye at first glance. Let us earn more about the Bonk Be Live app.

Peeping Inside the Bonk Be Live  App

Once you download and install the Bonk Be Live  app, the first thing you need to is register with the app. You have 4 options to do so – Facebook ID, Twitter ID, Google+ ID, or your email ID.

  • As you sign up, you are taken to the welcome screen that can be skipped by pressing the ‘Skip’ option.

  • You even get daily rewards in form of starpoints for opening the app every day.

  • On the home screen, you find 4 tabs – Follow (displaying the people you followed), Live (People who are live currently, New (showing the new broadcasters), and Nearby (displaying broadcasts near your location.

  • You can check the profile of the people you are following and learn about their top fans, followers, and videos replayed. A user can also send them private message.

  • The profile icon lets you edit your profile. You can even check the status of your income, diamonds earned, Ban List, and other details.

  • By moving in the ‘Settings’, you can change the app language, invite your Facebook friends to the app and manage the connected accounts.

Watching Live Broadcast on Bonk Be Live

  • Select the broadcaster whom you want to watch.

  • The broadcast starts in few seconds, after making the selection.

  • You can send gifts and coins to the broadcaster.

  • You can even send them a few emojis corresponding to some points.
  • Use the ‘chat’ option to have a conversation with the broadcaster. Avoid being abusive and intolerant otherwise you might be banned.

  • You can easily switch between different broadcasts.

Going Live With Bonk Be Live

  • Press the ‘Live’ Button.

  • The app now asks for ‘Camera’ and ‘Recorder’ access.
  • Enter the title for your broadcast, choose some category, select the country, and run your broadcast.

  • The broadcast starts within 3 seconds.

  • Once you are live, you are free to entertain your audience, exchange gifts and messages, and can end the broadcast anytime.

Bonk Be Live  for Broadcasters

All the broadcasters earn an opportunity to make money with Bonk Be Live  by running the ads during their broadcast once they reach the ‘Bonkin’ or ‘Bonkified’ level. You need to reach higher levels to run commercials during the broadcast.

The broadcaster at Bonkin/Bonkified level earns a diamond for playing the commercials in between their stream. Each diamond is valued to 50USD or 4500 coins. For reading the commercial, broadcaster earns a diamond and for playing the commercial, he/she gets 3 diamonds.

Bonk Be Live  for Advertisers

Bonk Be Live  is a revolutionary platform for the advertisers where they can promote their services and products using call to action. Here, the broadcasters promote the product/service of the advertiser resulting in better conversion rate. Also, it is cheaper means of advertising as compared to conventional methods.

Getting Level-Ups in Bonk Be Live

You need to reach a few points for getting the level ups. To collect the points you can do following activities within the app:

  • Watch the streams of broadcasters and get 1 point every minute for watching it.
  • Play your stream and get 2.5 points every minute.
  • Earn 30/50 points for sending/receiving 2D/3D gifts respectively.
  • Complete certain number of purchases from Bonk Store to earn points after completing a fixed target.
  • You even get points for reaching a fixed number of followers.

Different Levels in Bonk Be Live  App

  • (Level 10 – 25000 Points) Bonnaroo – Intern
  • (Level 20 – 50000 Points) Bonnarookie – Broadcasting Dreamer
  • (Level 30 – 75000 Points) Bonkeroony – Apprentice
  • (Level 40 – 100000 Points) Bonkers – Rookie Broadcaster
  • (Level 50 – 200000 Points) Bonkai – Super Broadcaster
  • (Level 60 – 300000 Points) Bonkertronz – Specialist
  • (Level 70 – 500000 Points) Bonkin – Intergalactic Broadcaster
  • (Level 80 – 600000 Points) Bonkified – Legendary Broadcaster
The Last Words

Bonk Be Live  is one of the finest social media broadcasting apps that have been ever launched so far. It has become the topmost live streaming application in the market and with more features getting to app every day, there is hardly any other app that can compete with it. Download it now and start making money.

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