Cloud computing has brought about a welcoming change to the internet technology

Cloud computing has brought about a welcoming change to the internet technology

The word ‘cloud’ first introduced in the circles of computer developer and in the tech fields in the year 1994. In the words of a layman, the cloud is nothing but a third party system which is home to data-based and digital information on remote servers. Since the year 1994, cloud computing has gone through a major overhaul and it has now become more streamlined, common and affordable. It has allowed both big and small companies to save their dollars on data storage including content archives, accounting details and other confidential data categories.

During the next 2 decades, cloud started gaining momentum and there are plenty of noteworthy developments for developers, end-users and the providers. Before we move on to the updates on cloud computing, let’s take a look at how it works.

Basically there are 3 forms of cloud services, the virtual, network storage and virtual:

  • Virtual means that the third-party servers which play the role of an extension of the IT server or network of the company
  • Software means personalized standard and remote apps, public and commercial
  • Storage means the capacity of the provider to archive data throughout locations all over the internet

It is vital enough to note that cloud is very easily scalable and this implies that it can accomodate mammoth data and this is similar to users at a set period of time. There is a wide range of cloud services which you will find online and how the bigger companies are using them.

Apple MobileMe uses Network Storage

Google Apps uses SaaS or Software as a Service and

Amazon EC2 uses Virtual IT.

You can’t deny the fact that during the latest months, there have been noteworthy developments in the field of cloud computing which are all worth taking into account. Google has introduced their support packages for Google Cloud Platform which caters to the needs of both small and large business firms.  Then Hewlett Packard introduced HP Cloud which is a new program started as a part of HP cloud initiative. They even launched a brand new site to facilitate a smoother transition of workload to the cloud server.

Considering the fast-paced environment of cloud servers, any business has to upgrade their workload to the cloud in order to witness a huge improvement in their performance and productivity. If you too are looking forward to this, you may check out internet Australia – iselect to know more on their internet plans and cloud connectivity programs.

Another such survey revealed that there are still people who keep wondering about what cloud means and how it affects their businesses. IT workers view cloud computing in favor of them and this has made it to the highest position among the technology decision makers.

We can’t conclude without giving thanks to various companies like Oracle whose brainchild was cloud computing almost 20 years back. With cloud computing, IT people and digital experts are now getting faster access of data.

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