Coming Soon Plugin: Your vision, Our future

Coming Soon Plugin: Your vision, Our future

If you are a local businessman and have a new product or a designer who wants to introduce new designs or a photographer with new travel portfolios, then you must have a well-developed page for it as well to let the whole world know what you have in store for the future.

You ought to have a WordPress site for your avenues, be it business or hobby to build your connections and get yourself introduced to the industry. To add to this creating a launch page would be much help for you and it is easy with best Coming SoonPlugin for WordPress.

Five things to know about Coming Soon Plugin:

Easy to Build:

It is very easy to create a page using this plugin as it is user-friendly and time-saving. You do not need to be a core developer and can get yourself a beautiful page in absolutely no time. You should have a personal or business site in WordPress version 4.7 or higher, and you can develop a page that makes you look professional

Repository of Images:

It has an inbuilt repository of 400,000 free images pertaining to all sorts of the field which can easily fit in with your launch page. Images reach deeper than words, and this will promote your site and connect you with people.

Convenient Pricing:

It isaffordable andpays much more than your investment in it. You can opt for any three of the membership plans: Pro lifetime, Agency unlimited lifetime, and Pro yearly. If you are a businessman and have a number of products for each of which you have separate sites, then agency unlimited can be your choice.

You can also opt for pro yearly if you just want to have a launch page for some time and then not renew. Pro lifetime is for members who want to own a page for a lifetime and pay just once with which you get instant activation and can attach your page with your clients.


It does not make you waste time and creates your page with the most beautiful packaging. It gives you a choice to use a number of themes already available so you can get started right away without any in-depth research.

Risk-free guarantee:

It also gives you the scope that if you do not like your launch page, you can retract it with seven days and 100% money back will be offered to you.

Create your coming soon page now. When you have worked hard enough to follow your talent of designing and photography, you deserve to launch yourself properly so you can reach the highest goal. This plugin can help you achieve success if you can spare 2 minutes to create your personalized page.

It is clean, smooth, fast, drag and drop based, no coding required and makes the package look attractive. All that is needed is to take the images, themes, add some texts, information about yourself, make some connections and put them all together and it’s done. It has been made only for you so you can tell us what is coming soon.

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