Copy / Paste: Are you really incollable?

Copy Paste Are you really incollable

The copy / paste: who does not practice it almost addictive, all software combined? In the first two articles of this series of 3, we have presented you alternative and more efficient techniques, applicable to Word and Excel .

Copy Paste Are you really incollable

This article describes the tools that can be used in Outlook ; and more precisely how:

  • store and reuse content elements of emails in e-mail,
  • integrate in a text of e – mail a graph, a table, an image, in short all or part of a screen.

This series of 3 articles describes the techniques to be implemented:

  1. With  Word  for:
    1. Recover all or part of one document in another,
    2. Have comments / conclusions regarding Excel data   by avoiding the management of 2 files.
  2. With  Excel  for:
    1. Copy a sheet either within a workbook or from one workbook to another,
    2. Copy a  graphic  in a PowerPoint slide   either as a picture or with tracking changes.
  3. With  Outlook  for:
    1. Having available reusable elements of emails in e-mail,
    2. Copy any part of a screen, regardless of its source, into the body of an email.

The screenshots and videos of these items were made with the 2016 version of the  Office Pack  in Windows environment  10 . So there may be some differences with your own screens.

In this third article, we will discuss the part dedicated to Outlook .

1 – Outlook – Save content that you often use

Save a building block


  • Start creating a new email
  • Select text
  • Tab: INSERT
  • Group: TEXT
  • Button: QUICKPART
  • Command: Save the selection in the QuickPart Component Gallery
  • Give a name to this building block and complete the options in the dialog box
  • Click OK

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