Developers Ask Adobe to Make Flash Open Source

Developers Ask Adobe to Make Flash Open Source

It turns out that not everyone hates Flash. Honestly, one might have thought that the feelings of revolt were fairly universal. However, a Web developer has the mission to safeguard the technology for future generations. How? By asking Adobe to leave Flash open source after its full withdrawal envisioned in 2020.

In case you were on the beach all week, Adobe abandons Flash. Finally, after years of maintaining the cost of its software, Adobe has decided to discard it, warning the big technology companies not to count on it for 2020. Moreover, Microsoft, like others, has already taken steps to abandon it.

Although it will happen that in a few years, Adobe has made its decision, and is therefore ready to part with it. Obviously, most people are thrilled that Adobe gives up Flash. Most people yes, but not everyone …

Make Flash an open source software

A Finnish web developer with the name of Juha Lindstedt launched a petition asking Adobe to open Flash’s source code. He accepts that the latter is imperfect, as he is at the moment. However, he wants Adobe to basically deploy Flash on the Internet to see what people can do with it.

His main argument seems to be that “Flash is an important part of the Internet history and killing Flash means that future generations will not have access to the past . ” The first website was designed using Flash, which means that once the technology is obsolete and disappeared from the globe, “games, experiences and websites will be forgotten . 

Lindstedt even lists some of the ways to open the software in order to “keep Flash projects alive for archive reasons”.

Because petitions work …

Adobe abandons its Flash Player, and will end it in 2020

The idea of making open source Flash is being discussed in various places on the web, including on Hacker News and Newgrounds . Opinions are very divergent , which is always the case with a debate like this one. However, in the end, it will be Adobe’s decision .

If you want to sign the petition to support the idea of making Flash in open source, you just need to put a star star on the repository on GitHub . Lindstedt promises to send this request to Adobe. But, everyone knows Adobe’s answer.

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