Do you have the best service provider?

Airtel DTH

The answer is ‘Yes’ if you’re an Airtel mobile customer. Read on if you’re not.

A free market encourages healthy competition among manufacturers and service providers. The biggest winners are customers, who get a multitude of choices across products and services. Often, a free and open market economy such as ours encourages competitive pricing. This is even better news for consumers, who can make the most of the choices available at the best prices.

Naturally, you are unwilling to settle for just about any product or service that is brandished in front of you. You are justified in demanding full value for your money. This is especially true of customer service along with the best products – companies must realise that today’s customers are often spoilt with choice. If they are unwilling to offer the best combination comprising great products, value added services and excellent customer care, then consumers will simply switch to other brands that offer all these factors.

Nowhere is this truer than in the case of DTH service providers. Affordable monthly plans across providers have increased competition among providers. Unless companies provide the best of all parameters – installation, transmission quality and pack price – customers will simply not buy the connection. Leading providers like Airtel realise this simple truth, and hence, offer superb services and plans.

How to choose the best mobile service provider for DTH

Look for these attributes when choosing a mobile service provider for DTH:

* A multitude of packs. There are multiple DTH providers in the country today, but only some like Airtel have the most winning combinations of monthly packs. Realising that customers require a lot of variety of in their programming, Airtel DTH offers different types of packs spanning genres and languages, apart from special packs catering only to certain genres like GEC or infotainment or news. So whichever pack you buy, you can be certain of getting channels that you really wish to watch.

* Quick response to your purchase query. Airtel DTH also excels on another front – responsiveness. You can place your purchase query on the Airtel website or on the myAirtel app and the company will get back to you in just a couple of hours to discuss your requirements. Once you have agreed to buy a certain plan, technical personnel contact you for your address. The installation is done quickly and easily, with minimum intervention as regards wiring and placing the dish antenna.

* Easy recharge options. Once the Airtel DTH connection is up and running, you can enjoy your favourite programmes, sports matches and movies whenever you wish. At the end of the pack validity, simply recharge the DTH connection over the Airtel website or using the myAirtel app. Just a few seconds of your time and a few flicks of your fingers on the screen are all that are required to complete the recharge.

Have you chosen Airtel DTH yet?

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