Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin Technology!

Everything You Need to Know about Bitcoin Technology

With the changing times a lot of developments come into existence and on the technological front Bitcoin technology is surely leaving its mark. Bitcoin is a kind of cryptocurrency that is used on a global level for conducting transactions and it is a secure means of enabling payment based system. Thus bitcoin provides the fundamental base for such technology where the decentralization of digital currency can be done and the entire system is setup in such a manner that the there is no need of a regulatory bank or an administrator to monitor the transactions.

The main Aspects of this Technology  

In Bitcoin Technology the networking is peer to peer based and it is through the usage of cryptography that all the transactions take place between the end users. Thus the role of intermediary gets eliminated in the process. The transactions that take place through the bitcoin route are highly secure and are verified with the elaborate system of network nodes.

Thus everything gets recorded in the form of a public distributed ledger which is also referred by the name as blockchain. Thus in the blockchain mechanism there is no requirement of a central authority and the entire maintenance of the blockchain is carried on with a really efficient network of communicating nodes that are eventually running the bitcoin software. These network nodes can perform a variety of tasks like validating transactions, adding them in ledger, broadcasting the ledger additions to other nodes etc. Blockchain methodology ensures independent verification, quick publishing and completely checks that there is no double spending.

It is believed that the origin of bitcoin technology can be attributed to Satoshi Nakamoto and this wonderful gift of science was actually released like open source software in the year 2009.

How Bitcoin Technology is Useful?

Bitcoins are used like a trading mechanism. Thus the entire purpose of bringing the bitcoin technology is to create such a platform so that reward based mechanism can be easily implemented for the process which is generally called as mining. The bitcoins can be easily exchanged by the users when they wish to trade for one currency over the other, or if they are dealing in any services or products. Trustworthy estimates claim that more than 5 million people are currently using bitcoin for all sorts of trading and thus the role of bitcoin technology cannot be overlooked in the present times.

There is a very strong possibility in the future that people will appreciate bitcoin technology on a broader level. 

The Pricing Factor

Bitcoin (BTC) price has undergone through various ups and downs from the year this technology actually came into existence. In 2011 the value of single bitcoin reached to 32US$ whereas in 2014 the value of one bitcoin was 600US$. As on the present day, today the value of a single bitcoin is around 14,711.52 US dollars. So the value of bitcoins is subject to volatile nature and market conditions play a very big role in determining the exact price per bit coin.


Slowly and slowly all the market players are realizing the importance of bitcoin technology and it is guaranteed that it will prove to be a game changing option in the 21st century. People are getting to know about this methodology and are using bitcoins for conducting trade on an elaborate level.

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