Facebook Provides Premium Features for WhatsApp

Facebook Provides Premium Features for WhatsApp

Facebook is planning a series of monetization systems for its popular mobile messaging service, WhatsApp . Among them, premium features for professionals and advertisements for users with a free account .

Viewed by many as a way to recover the $ 22 billion that Facebook spent on acquiring WhatsApp three years ago, this approach would allow the social network to bill companies for features that they can use to get in touch with customers.

Earlier this year, WhatsApp deployed audited accounts for businesses, but to date it is unclear whether this particular verification process would be billed or not. Facebook should issue a press release to detail how it plans to monetize WhatsApp. ”  We want to set up basic foundations to enable professionals to get the answers they want. We do intend to bill companies in the future,  ” said Matt Idema, WhatsApp’s chief operating officer at FoxBusiness.

Advertisements are not excluded

It turns out that several large companies are already testing the new premium features of WhatsApp, including Brazil, Europe, India and Indonesia. There is no target date for the debut of the new monetization system, Idema explained, but Facebook will do everything to make money with its messaging service, especially on commercial use.

One area of particular interest for WhatsApp is how to make money on consumer devices. It turns out that Facebook is currently considering adding advertising for all users using the application free of charge, but a decision in this regard is yet to be made. The above-mentioned source states: ”  Idema has not ruled out that WhatsApp can display advertisements to users,  ” as the company’s goal at the moment is to find an effective way to earn money with its premium features for businesses.

WhatsApp currently has more than 1.3 billion active users worldwide and the application is available on a cross platform, including iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 10.

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