Few Things to Consider While Visiting to New York For First Time

Few Things to Consider While Visiting to New York For First Time

If you are a resident of NewYork City then perhaps you will not be able to guide first-time visitors about this city, as much as an outsider who visited the city a number of times. That is because you never have seen the city in the perspective of a visitor. In this small write-up, we shall try to present a few things that no resident of NYC will be able to share with you.

You may or may not encounter most of the things that are presented in this article. However, reading this will at least give you an idea about the city where you are going to visit for the first time in your life.

You may also like to visit the website trip indicator.com/new-york-tourist-attractions-map.html to get more familiarity with the city and you must also carry a printableNew York attractions map, in case your intention to visit this city asa tourist.

Manhattan is not the only NYC

Most people think that NYC is all aboutManhattan however the fact is that there are four other boroughs too and among them Brooklyn and Queens are also equally important.

Taxis are slow but there is a way to call them

Taxis can be quite expensive to travel and if you have to reach to any place in time then it is better to avoid hiring a taxi and take subway. Sometimes you can reach to your destination faster by walking. However, don’t walk over metal grates or cellar doors. If you need only taxi then stand on the curb and raise your arm confidently.

Public transport

Among all the public transports, subway is the best option. While travelling on subways, avoid making eye contact with strangers. It is considered as bad manners. If you travel in express subway trains then make sure that stop that you want to go, will not be skipped by the train. Better prefer the train which stops in all stations to avoid confusion.

Should you bring your own car in NYC?

In case, you have your own car, better park it somewhere and do not drive it. In NYC you cannot travel anywhere without crossing a bridge, where you have to shell out a hefty sum as toll tax.

Prefer not to walk everywhere

Though you can walk to various places but too much walking will tire you a lot. It is better to cover certain distances with the available public transport and walk around the place and then for longer distance use subways or bus.

Avoid Times square during the day

During the day, there is a great rush in the Times square and it will be difficult even to walk comfortably. The best time would be during night hours, and don’t bother aboutlights. There will be enough light to click your camera.

Eating in a restaurant

Prefer to eat only on those restaurants that are ‘A’ rated. Non ‘A’ rated restaurants are not supposed tobe very hygienic and so are the street foods. If you want to take any streetfood then better use your own judgement.

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