Finding the Right SEO Expert for your Business

Finding the Right SEO Expert for your Business

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very difficult technique to master. It can give your business a big advantage if done right, but can also ruin your business if done wrong. Search Engine algorithms always change. Even the best Search Engine Optimization experts have difficulty doing SEO, some may think that experts are keeping everyone out of the loop, but the truth is, these SEO experts don’t know every detail about Search Engine Optimization. They just adapt to whatever is happening in the business. So before you hire an expert to do SEO for your business, make sure to study every aspect of the business. Don’t get duped by what these “SEO experts” are telling you they can do to help your business grow. There are legit experts who truly know what they are doing. If someone tells you some of the lies listed below, you might have to think twice before hiring them.

“I know everything about SEO and already master their algorithm.”

Only Google really knows how the SEO algorithm works or what these algorithms are. In reality, there are at least hundreds of factors that can affect website rankings, and SEO experts don’t know every one of them. Google also makes sure that they always update and adjust their algorithms to keep up with the technology’s fast pace. Google has an AI ranking algorithm they just implemented named RankBrain. In reality, RankBrain is already running months before the public knows about it. SEO experts didn’t know anything about this AI and the fact that it is one of the top SEO ranking factors today and no one knows that it was already running is pretty amazing.

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“I know how to help any website rank high.”

Knowing what is the consumer’s intent is one of the most important aspects of running a successful Search Engine Optimization strategy. SEO strategy differs from industry to industry. One strategy might be effective to one industry but a total failure to another. Every effective expert knows how important to know the niche and what your audience need to make their business rank higher in every search engine. For example, if you want to market your business in Boston, SEO expert should target niche and keywords that are related to Boston. Unless you spend money to make your business to rank higher, the success in SEO relies on how to identify the right keywords to use. Knowing what keywords to use is one of the most important aspects of SEO.

“All you need in making your business grow is SEO.”

SEO is one aspect of internet business, but there are other ways to make your business successful using the internet. You can use internet advertising, social media marketing, and content marketing. Although SEO plays a major role, study shows that combining these techniques can make your business successful ten folds.

“Quantity over quality.”

Before 2012, SEO is all about who makes the most links. But Google changes that. They are now making sure that all content creators and website owners use organic and natural links on their website. Backlinks are still a factor in determining the ranking of a content, but SEO does not rely on backlinks alone anymore. If you are hiring an SEO expert, make sure that they work on natural, legitimate, high-quality links to backlink on your website. Google is now keeping an eye on those websites that looks like spam websites. Ask your experts what are their link building strategies. Make sure they stay away from “Quantity over quality” kind of Search Engine Optimization.

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“Use duplicate links”

As what I have said earlier, Google is keeping a close eye on contents that are very unnatural. Some experts use duplicate links to manipulate the search and eventually get more traffic or viewers. That will reflect poorly on your website, since duplicating links are considered spam by Google.

“I’ll make your page land in Google’s first page.”

If your SEO expert says they will make your website land on the first page of Google’s search engine in one or two months, then they are lying. A website that uses SEO usually gets a positive result in at least six months. Page rank changes by the minute. A legit SEO expert will tell you honestly that they don’t have control over your page rank. In case your website lands on the first page, if not maintained it will easily get lost in the search engine. Hire an expert who does not give you any promises but have a good portfolio to back-up their work.

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