Five Industries that need Mobile Apps to Survive

Five Industries that need Mobile Apps to Survive

While it maybe a little hard to believe, Statista has predicted that, by 2021, almost 350 billion mobile apps will be downloaded across the world. Mobile app development has altered the way conventional businesses operate and has become an indispensable tool for customer support and satisfaction. While mobile apps have spared no industry, below is a list of sectors that have been heavily disrupted by the introduction of mobile apps.

  • Banking and finance

Did you know that some banks own nothing more than a single mobile app? From online payment wallets to completing major banking transactions, a mobile app can do just about anything for you. Fintech companies are also on the rise and have been working to give businesses some innovative solutions for better customer service and higher service satisfaction rate.

  • Travel and tourism

From learning public bus and train routes to booking private cabs, there is a lot that mobile apps can deliver. Mobile apps have made complete automation a realistic possibility, while increasing comfort and convenience for the growing number of their users. For instance, it only takes a few minutes to book a cab or learn about train delays using a smartphone. The tourism industry has also allowed mobile apps to take over many of the frequently accessed functions, particularly those that facilitate client interactions.

  • Education

Mobile apps have also found wide range of applications in education, as they allow students to access videos, tutorials and online tutors form any location at any time. Universities and colleges are increasingly relying on apps to keep track of student progress and offer tools that suit different learning styles. By using mobile apps, young students enjoy multiple benefits, such as remote learning, access to various resources, better collaboration with peers and teachers, and an enhanced way of learning new concepts.

  • Medicine and healthcare

Healthcare is the most recent sector to start using apps. Yet, the innovative range of mobile apps aimed at this industry has quickly proliferated. Mobile apps for fitness and diets have proven particularly popular with the younger users. While their utility is debatable, those apps that allow patients to connect to physicians from different fields of medicine are truly revolutionary. Similarly, senior citizens benefit best from telemedicine apps as they offer access to medical assistance without the need for travel. From preventing the most dreaded diseases to handling first aid for serious conditions, like cardiac arrest, mobile apps can do a lot for their users.

  • Retail

Retail is one of the most dynamic industries in the world and mobile apps have been real game changers for this sector. Major retail brands and chains have now taken to mobile apps to sell their merchandise. Payment wallets have partnered with retail stores, thus making online payments easy, simple and safe too.

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