GitHub helps identify who needs to review changes

GitHub helps identify who needs to review changes


GitHub has announced a new feature that makes it easier to identify people who need to review changes made to the source codein a repository.

Using the ”  code owners  ” feature, you can define specific teams or individuals who are responsible for source code so that when a pull request is made, the people concerned are automatically notified.

To add code owners to a GitHub repository, you must create a new file named  CODEOWNERSin the root directory, which will include approximately the following content
Simply create a file called CODEOWNERS

20 million users around the world

Of course, the principle behind these owners’ codes is nothing new – the company readily admits that it was inspired by the Google Chromium web browser, which offers a feature called owners files.

In addition, GitHub has also added  “protected branches”, which ensures that project staff do not make permanent changes to the branches. These are basically projects with a more rigorous review process, and with this feature, code owners must leave pot each file a critical one before any other collaborator can merge a pull request to that branch.

These are in fact super useful features for a code hosting platform that now has more than 20 million users worldwide, and 57 million deposits . The company recently announced its Open Source Friday , which, as the name suggests, encourages companies to devote time each Friday to employees to work on open source projects.

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