Go safe in the online world and win the hearts

Social media sites

Staying safe online and winning hearts is not an easy task; changes occur constantly, day by day. However, there are several strategies that can make your online business dealings more effective and productive such as not copying other entrepreneurs. In other words, use strategies that work but don’t copy the strategy. Make sure that you create and maintain a business that is yours and no one else’s.

Know your audience

Most importantly, know your audience. To be successful online you must target your audience. The more you know your audience and what they are looking for, the better your marketing will go. Marketing will grow your business and will keep you focused on your strategies.

Use the Kiss Principle

The old saying, “keep it simple stupid” is more appropriate than ever as one works day-by-day as an online business entrepreneur.

  • Keeping your website simple and clean will bring in and retain your customers.
  • A website should not confuse or confound a person. Find out about the main struggles your target audience is facing and then create services and products that can resolve those struggles.
  • People are constantly looking for answers to their problems; be it health matters or other concerns such as buying gifts for friends and families or buying services that will add value to their personal or public lives.

Social media is not the only answer

Social media is important to get your message out; however, it is not the only strategy for leads and traffic. Most importantly, build your business on your own platform. Keep in mind; you want online users to sign up to your email or newsletter list and communicate with you personally, but not only on social media. Social media sites, when used in conjunction with the goals and strategies of your business, can be productive and highly useful.

Charge a fair and balanced price

Helping others is wonderful and sometimes it can be done for free; however, you have bills to pay. When building a business, it can’t remain a business if it doesn’t bring in revenue. When you serve and add value to your customers’ lives, what you charge will be justified and fair.

Improve your operations with technology

Technologies such as production management tools like spreadsheets or business specific, custom developed applications can improve the operation of your business. If you want to ensure that customer service remains a high priority, then technology can assist you towards that goal. Other examples of production management tools are online buying and smart inventory control systems.

Secure your online business

Ensuring that your online business is secure and safe , requires a plan and specific actions. One way to do this is to install a good firewall on your network. Firewalls know when large amounts of data are being placed or taken away from your network. If such actions have not been authorized, the firewall will immediately shut down the process.

Additional security actions

In addition, another security action is to have a separate network for your payment terminal. This one action can decrease the likelihood of a successful cyber-attack. Other security actions are changing usernames and passwords on all access points three times a year. Ways to set up a continuous improvement plan are assessing the competition and seeking outside help to assess your business weaknesses and strengths.

Measure your progress

As your business grows it is important to establish how you measure results that you want to achieve. One simple way is to simply check once you have completed an action. Larger goals will need a more comprehensive measurement process such as increasing your profits by a set percentage. Think about how often you want to measure your business achievement.

Search engine optimization and mobile marketing

For optimal success online, get your website optimized for search engines. This will allow your pages to rank higher on Google.

  • In addition, it will bring in more users who will click on your page.
  • Mobile marketing is “the interactive multi-channel promotion of products or services for mobile phones and devices, smartphones and networks.”
  • Examples of mobile marketing channels are trade shows and billboards.

Email marketing is still alive!

People always want to hear about all kinds of businesses. Newsletters that are tailored to a person’s needs and desires can be interesting and helpful. One way that an online user can have a newsletter sent to him or her is by going to your website and replying to a pop-up saying that they would like to receive regular email newsletters. 


To conclude, staying safe online and winning hearts is not an easy task; changes occur constantly, day after day. Follow the above strategies and enjoy a safe and productive online business venture.