How do I Upgrade My Comcast Modem?

How do I Upgrade My Comcast Modem

While setting up your Comcast Internet account, Comcast offers you certain speed options. You are required to pay more for faster connection and speedy download. Generally, you may like to have speedy connection in order to gear up your work procedures or for gaming. So, in order to increase the speed of your Internet connection, you need to pay higher monthly charges to update your Comcast modem. The charges for this depend on the service you opt for. It will only take a few minutes to upgrade your Comcast modem and you can do it just by talking to a Comcast customer support.

Follow these simple steps in order to upgrade your Comcast modem:

Step 1.

First of all, you need to go the official website of Comcast to see if there is any special offer or deal for your Comcast Internet upgrades.

Step 2.

Now, go to the official website of Comcast Customer service and talk directly to a live representative on upgrading and changing your Comcast modem for faster downloading and surfing speeds. You may use this useful feature only if you already are a Comcast customer and own a log in username and password.

Step 3.

In case you are not able to log in online to your Comcast account, you should call comcast and speak to their expert technicians about the issue. You can simply call on the toll-free Comcast customer service.

Step 4.

Discuss about the speed of your new modem with the customer service representative of Comcast. The company offers you multiple Internet packages for different areas, so before you make a selection, you must inquire about optional packages. Further, you need to set your new Comcast payment info and bill, since your Comcast Internet modem upgrades will charge you an additional fee per month. Usually your Comcast modem will be set up and will be directly upgraded from Comcast. Hence, you are not required to make any appointment, since the data is directly sent through your Comcast cable lines and modem.

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