How to be a vlogger?

to be a vlogger

What is Vlogging?
Imagine that you are on a lifetime journey or you have come across an enchanted natural phenomenon that you want to share with the people anywhere in the world. In this case, you cannot put everything into words. It is too difficult to seek the help of the words. What eyes can see, and the ears can hear has no match. Vlogging is the skill to add pictures and videos in such a way that they express everything about you. Vlogging is quickly taking place of the blogging that was merely worded. Sometimes it has pictures or videos to support the idea but still it as not as impressive as the Vlogs. If you want to exhibit your work through the Vlogging platforms like Instagram or YouTube it is essential to be vigilant in getting the perfect camera and related accessories.
Points to ponder
Getting a perfect camera
The foremost essential is to get a perfect camera for a perfect shot. With the growing Vlog interest brands like Canon, Panasonic, and Sony are improving their cameras to meet the professional needs of the Vloggers. The topmost recommended cameras for Vlogging include Canon EOS 77D, Panasonic GH5, and the SONY RX100 V. Canon EOS is neither very expensive nor it is too heavy. It has both the economy of size and price. Although it does not support 4K but gives ample opportunity to have a slow-motion effect with 60fps. Unlike Canon’s creation, Panasonic GH5 is heavy and expensive Vloggers camera. It can capture 4K but lacks the autofocus function. Enjoy better sounds with the microphone added to it. The flip screen option is great to check the outcome. Sony RX100 V is smallest among all but the results and performance has no match
Add drone technology
If you are on a journey where there is much to enjoy from the air then it’s better to grab a drone for your Vlogging. Flying above the heads it can give a clear picture of what you are enjoying. Drones add a different perspective to your passion. DJI drones are usually recommended by the professional Vloggers.
Adding the sounds
Vlogging does not mean silent pictures. It can be impressively done through the videos also. A video not just requires perfect pictures but it also requires fascinating sounds. Unnecessary noises lessen the impact of the videos. It is very important to add such accessories to your Vlogger cam that support the best sounds in the surroundings. Add-ons like Rode Video Mic GO and Tascam DR-10L are highly appreciated for making the videos really impressive. These compact devices help in filtering the sounds and deliver the perfect sounds to the listeners.
Other necessities
Besides these essentials some other features that can really make you a great Vlogger include a stabilizer for taking the pictures while in motion, and memory cards with enough storage to hold your work. Learning the editing skills can further add to your Vlogs.

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