How to Check IMEI Number of Any Android Phone and iPhone

Check IMEI Number of Any Android Phone and iPhone

Do you want to register your phone or sell one online? If so, chances are you may be asked for an IMEI number. Do you know how to find one? Don’t worry; the article is going to provide you with insights regarding IMEI number. But what’s an IMEI number? IMEI is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a number that is assigned to phones sold through official channels. The number is so unique.

What is the value of the number? If your phone is stolen or if you lose your phone, when recording a statement, the police need you to mention the number so that it can be used to block it from accessing any networks or placing calls.

It must be noted that IMEI number is used on the SIM slot, therefore, dual SIM phones has two IMEI numbers. Also, if your tablet has cellular connectivity it must have the number.

The number is very important in emergency scenarios. If the phone is located, you will use it to establish that real it’s your phone.

Below are ways to find your IMEI number.

This is when you have the phone

  • Establishing the IMEI number using the code

This is one of the simplest ways of getting the number. This method is less universal. The methods works in almost all smartphones and phones, try this before you hunt for your phone’s bill.

  1. First dial *#06# on your device
  2. The number will display on your phones on screen. Note it down or take a screenshot.
  • How to find the IMEI number on a device

If you got iPhone 5 or any of the newest iPhone. The number is engraved at the back of the panel. Flip the phone and note it down. If it’s iPhone 4 and older iPhone, the number is printed on the sim tray.

  • How to check the number via settings

If it’s Android, you should do the following Settings>About>IMEI. The number will pop up. After the popping up, tap status and scroll it down to see the entire information of the IMEI.

In regard to iphones, click setting>general>about and you will get the number.

If the phone has a removable battery, the number is printed inside the phone, that is, under the battery. You can remove the battery and check out.

What will you do if you don’t have the phone?

  • Check the number on the bill or retail box

The number is written on both the bill and retail box. These are important things don’t throw them away; they will help you when the need arises. If you will resell your phone in later dates, the box will provide you the number.

  • How to check the number on Android

Android users can check the number even when the phone is lost. The methods below will save you from the agony as faster as possible if you have lost the phone.

  1. You should login into Google dashboard by using the Google account that is linked to the Android phone.
  2. Tap Android that is next to the logo that’s a green robot.

This will provide you with lot things regarding the device IMEI number inclusive.

Wrapping up

IMEI number is so important for every phone users. You should know it because it will help with some time. The above piece has provided you with various ways to obtain one. For more details regarding IMEI numbers, visit and you will be sharpened further. Just click the link and you will have everything.

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