How To Craft Website Content To Get More Conversions

How To Craft Website Content To Get More Conversions

It may sound too simple and obvious for some website owners, but crafting content that really helps you get results (aka “lead conversions”) isn’t as easy as it appears to be. Today, with literally an ocean of website options, consumers are expecting a website that is fully functional and offers a great User Experience. As content is a major factor contributing to a great experience here is how you can develop a more effective content strategy:

Create a strong SEO strategy in advance

It may appear as unnecessary, but creating an SEO strategy in advance will help boost your website’s efficiency afterward. Some SEO aspects change according to current traffic and consumer trends but some will remain the same. If you check the SEO rules and terms of Google twice, for example, you will see that nothing has really changed, especially the primary rules. Here are also some aspects to think of when developing your SEO strategy in advance:

  • Which keywords appear as trends in your market/field? Can you use all or some of these keywords in your headings?
  • How many pictures can you upload to accompany each article? Is it possible to decrease the dimensions to fit your layout without sacrificing the quality of the image?
  • Do you own an existing database of articles, blog postings, and web pages you can link to?
  • Is your site optimised for mobile devices? As you can see, mobile devices come in varied screen dimensions and therefore, you have to craft your content considering mobile screens as well.

Think Like Your Audience Does

The most efficient method to increase your conversions and raise your chances of landing sales is to get in your audience’s shoes and think from a customer’s perspective. You have to thoughtfully craft content that directly reflects your audience’s needs or else things will go nowhere. If for example, you write about something that only interests you and nobody else, your views and conversion rates will simply suffer.

And if you don’t have the time or skills to make your content useful and relevant to your target market, you can hire a skilled content agency or a freelancer to help.

Use Content Clustering

A good method for monitoring your content and getting more folks to come and see you, is to generate topic clusters. Topic clustering is a fresh SEO technique that enables you to generate content revolving around the same topic/category.

Let’s say that your website offers graphic designing services then you can post for two weeks in a row (3 times each) about e-book graphic design. If you follow the same path in other topics, you will generate a cluster that your viewers can catch up with easily.

Consider A Buyer’s Journey

If you wish to increase your conversion rates, you have to consider a buyer’s journey from the moment the consumer enters your website to the decision of purchasing something from you and converting from leads to sales. According to Magicdust the needs of your potential customers should at all times be first thing that you think about.

Follow the KISS Principle

We aren’t referring to the obvious “kiss” word or the famous rock band but the concept of keeping it simple/stupid. When you have just launched your website and added some content, you should keep it simple enough to be clearly understood by the average person that comes to your website. The more people really get what you are trying to say and like your content, the more likely they are going to come back and even share it with others.

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