How to design a website with Softwarecy

How to design a website with Softwarecy

Web design is a broad term that contains different areas in terms of creating and maintaining web sites (websites). Web design is primarily a process that includes graphic design, interface design for users, standardized code, user environment and SEO optimization for Google.

Interface design is a basic feature in the web design process whose function is to provide the best possible interaction between users and your web site.

The visual identity of the website is to customize the content to the target group it is intended for. The target group consists of two main categories, aged and gender.

The user environment refers to the visitor’s impressions of the site. This primarily relates to the way the site works and the understanding of the layout of the components on website. The quality of the code is above all transparency, that is, the legibility of code.

In modern business conditions, in order to attract more clients, more and more become online business. This can not be achieved without creating web pages.  A high quality website is a site that provides relevant and useful information, a good visual display. To accomplish this, there are many factors that should be taken into account. As competition grows, it is necessary that the site meets certain conditions:

  • Unique content – content should be unique to all pages on the site, but also to other sites
  • Expertise – means that the content of the site is determined by experts in those areas
  • Balanced content – refers to impartiality in writing
  • Accessibility – websites are designed to work on mobile phones, tablets and desktop browsers
  • User friendly
  • Commitment to detail – no errors and easy to understand content
  • Optimization – The right example of optimization can be seen from the company Softwarecy in Cyprus. The website should be ranked on the first page of google, as this increases productivity of business. In this way, advertising rises to the highest level, the web site becomes the best commercial for business. Optimization is based on increasing visibility, which will certainly improve the business of clients. Then optimization is understood by the growth of the number of customers, which represents one of the basic business goals. Increasing customers, with the right SEO approach, leads to an increase in revenue, which is the main goal of a client’s business.
  • Speed – a high-quality site is loaded fast
  • Social networks – Provides expert advice when it comes to social media. Social networks can also represent a significant predisposition in relation to competition. Creating effective posts on social media can increase the number of interested customers.
  • Connecting and interaction
  • Make the website healthier and spam free – It is very important when creating a site to prevent negative comments. It is also important to regularly update the site.

There is various types of projects, which are: business, online story, photography, video, music, design, restaurant and food, events, porfolio, blog… More about each individual type can be found here:

Designing websites can be viewed through five basic steps:

  1. Pick a Website Builder – When creating a site, it is important to find the appropriate platform. The chosen platform should provide the best possible solutions when creating a site.
  2. A Template – It is necessary to find a specific template that will correspond to the type of work. All templates are easily customizable and will be able to change everything that is needed to fully meet the needs of users
  3. Customize the template – when a particular template is chosen, it is necessary to make its customization in order to fully satisfy the characteristics of a particular business.
  4. Choose Domain – Domain name (read what that is here) is also necessary so that users can visit the site. Domain is the Internet address and at the same time the name of your website. The length of the name address must not be less than 2 or long of 64 characters.The domain name represents customer identification and therefore must match its characteristics. It is necessary that the client chooses his domain name that should correspond to his business.
  1. Make the site public – When a site matches the needs of its creation, it remains only to be published, or to become public.

In order to create a website, it is necessary to have Secure strong hosting. Hosting is the place where the site will be set up. Hosting services mean fast delivery of websites to all visitors. Security is very important and because of this there are very important rules for all visitors.

With internet development, electronic business is also developing. Everybody knows that “online” is making huge commodity and money transactions on a daily basis, and that the web stores and ecommerce companies have the biggest share in it. The online store has many advantages, ranging from being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, through the choice of different products in one place, payment from the armchair, or by means of a credit card or return, home delivery and more . You can also, within the item you are interested in, review the ratings, praise or criticism on the account on which you can decide on the purchase.

It is significant that there is a mobile application through which customers become visible and available at any given moment. In this way, great advantages can be achieved in relation to the competition, because the client product data is available to their customers for 24 hours, and consequently the brand’s reputation grows, and the number of customers is increasing.

In addition to creating new sites, there is a redesign of already existing sites. Redesign of a website can be highly demanded. Although the redesign of the site is practically starting from the beginning, it must be taken into consideration that the site already has content uploaded by Google, page layout, page extension, sometimes even the administrative part from which it is being updated. All redesign must be based on non-disruption of the site’s structure and its pre-loaded content. Through the redesign, there are many obstacles and problems that need to be solved.

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