How to digitize its training offer?

How to digitize its training offer

At a time when we all now have in the pocket an object that replaced a radio, a clock, a calculator, a camera, a mailbox, a weather station, a road atlas, a simultaneous translator, a supermarket, a press kiosk and so on, the question of the digitization of training could almost seem anachronistic. And yet … a lot of companies seem to be struggling to take the plunge. What are their fears based on? Is that right? What are the pitfalls to know and anticipate in order to pass the digitization of your training offer ? So many questions that we propose to review together …

It’s expensive ?

It all depends on whether your ambition is to digitize a small part of your training offer , or all of your training offe. If you are in Case 2, a first observation is necessary: Beyond identifying and taking charge of the technological tools that will allow the digitization of training , it is often the investment that represents the re-engineering of the existent which constitutes the first point of attention.

Indeed, whether it is converted to man or budget, the energy that will have to be devoted to transposing the training capital of companies into digital resources and devices is a decisive factor. But how many companies have just taken the time to properly evaluate this existing capital? Have not the dozens, or even the hundreds of PowerPoints they have stored in their midst alone, represented man-years of work?

Not only has this capital often never been valued, part of the hidden costs for decades, but the discovery of the fact that it will be necessary to invest in the overhaul of all this raw material in a digitized form sounds like a catch consciousness. For if the digitization of a whole training offer promises economies of scale in the medium term, the initial bet should not be underestimated.

The illusion of gratuitousness, or the immediate economics of scale, can create a deceptive horizon for those who would like to launch themselves without having perceived the financial aspects of this mutation. The first act will therefore consist in convincing the decision makers that all this has a cost, and that if one wants to go there it will be necessary to go through an investment plan.

Where to start ?

The establishment of a training ecosystem does not happen overnight. Moreover, it should not be forgotten that a training ecosystem existed before, with its qualities and defects, and that the introduction of digital learning will only gradually change it. Carrying out the diagnosis of its offer and carrying out an inventory is therefore a good practice, to recommend to start. Then, let’s say it all clearly, wanting to revolutionize everything in big bang mode is both a utopia, and unsavory. Opt for a gradual acculturation of your employees, offering them a gradual entry into the world of digital learning . It will be both more respectful for them, for the strong forces that will be in charge of carrying out these transformations, and for your budget. It is therefore generally a road map over several years that must be imagined.

Will I get there on my own?

The real problem of this digitization , once you have obtained the principled assent of your leaders on a budget and a multi-annual plan of action, is the tentacular and polymorphous character of the thing. The abundance of tools and modalities will never cease to do, that once you have thought about it, you will discover that still others have appeared. It is enough to walk once a year on the salons devoted to digital learning to see flourishing new actors and new solutions, boosted by an unusual lexical creativity.

LMS , LCMS , SCORM , X-API , MOOC , COOC , SPOC , serious games , gamification , Mobile Learning , virtual classroom , virtual reality , adaptive learning , community management … we will have to arm yourself with a spiral notebook directory for you to constitute the dictionary of the perfect project leader digital learning .

One can of course try to evolve by itself in this jungle and to find some points of reference by trial and error, but to follow a training or to be accompanied by an actor expert of digital learning can save you a lot of time and avoid you some disappointments.

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