How Videos Are Taking Over the Marketing World

Technology has had a massive impact on all aspects of work and everyday life, and marketing is no exception. Technology has pushed marketing from the days of door-to-door sales and pamphlets into an age where you can advertise your product to people in their own homes on social media and other internet platforms. Corporate video production services have helped hundreds of people and businesses reach unexpected successes, and here’s why.

People love videos

We all live hectic lives and we often don’t have the time or energy to read through books and articles on things we need to know. Sometimes we just feel lazy. In those lazy/tired moments we have all sat down to watch TV or YouTube (probably more YouTube though), which shows us that no matter how busy or lazy we are, there is always time for videos.

A recent study confirmed that videos made up 55% of all mobile traffic in 2015, and this is estimated to grow to 75% by 2020. Another shocking fact is that YouTube gets more than four billion views per day! It is clear why so many companies who make use of corporate videos are leaping ahead of the competition with their marketing.

Videos are also attractive to search engines

One of the most effective modern marketing tools is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). The goal of using SEO is, in layman’s terms, to optimise your attractiveness for search engines so that you rank higher up on searches. The higher up on the first page you are, the more likely you are to get business, and it has been found that sites with video content embedded are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page. So a quality corporate video is almost guaranteed to at least get you seen if used properly.

Corporate videos are taking social media by storm

Quality corporate video production services have also launched companies ahead of their competition on social media. With anything from trailers, short ads about specials, or even product reviews to ‘how to’ videos, businesses making use of videos on social media are going far further than any old pamphlet ever could. As Michael Stelzner mentioned in the 8th annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 60 % of the included social marketers made use of videos in 2015, with a further 13% planning to implement video content in the following year.

Why did almost two-thirds of those social marketers plan to use video content on social media? Because videos encourage people to watch and share! It is a fact that people share more on an emotional than factual basis on social media, which is why they want to share with their family and friends. A professional corporate videographer will be able to help you produce the perfect videos to suit your emotional social media audience and get your brand out there!

Don’t get left in the history of marketing strategy. Make use of professional video production services and launch your marketing strategies into the future today!

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