IFA 2017: Ricoh Theta V, a 360-degree Android-powered camera

IFA 2017 Ricoh Theta Va 360 degree Android powered camera

icoh has been producing some of the most amazing cameras in recent years, including a range of 360-degree cameras. Today, the firm is upgrading its range of Theta cameras to meet the increasingly fierce competition, with a new version capable of capturing video in 4K. This is the Ricoh Theta V announced at IFA 2017 in Berlin last week. The new Theta V camera comes in the same pocket-sized format and easy to use as previous Theta cameras launched in the past. But this one costs 449 euros , and captures a sphere of 360 degrees in 4K UHD format in two images by two lenses of a f / 2.0 aperture. Each is associated with a 12-megapixel CMOS sensor.

Images of the Theta V (motionless and moving) are supposed to have better clarity and dynamic range than their predecessors, as well as more embedded storage (19GB to record up to 4,800 still images and about 40 minutes of video in 4K) and a higher transfer speed. It can also stream live video in 4K 360 degrees.

The Ricoh Theta V allows you to capture video in 4K

The Theta V connects to any Android smartphone or Android tablet or iOS using the Theta S application. It uses a low-power connection, allowing an “always open” connection between the camera and the device . However, you can use a Wifi connection if you want a better throughput.

Increased competition

In addition, the Theta V can capture audio from four different directions , allowing a more dynamic and omnidirectional sound that better matches spherical images. But, Ricoh also announced a new 360 degree microphone at the show, which can be attached below the Theta V, and used to fully capture 3D audio. The microphone will be sold separately at the price of 269 dollars – the price in France is not yet known. Additionally, in October, Ricoh will also market the TW-1 underwater housing, enabling the Theta V to be used at depths up to 30 meters.

It’s great that Ricoh continues to push easy-to-use solutions. But the sector where the company was once a pioneer was quickly congested. There are now many 360 degree cameras available on the market, compared to the competition that the Theta S, launched in 2015, may have had.

This massive arrival of cameras has resulted in lower prices, despite the general addition of 4K capacity and new features that use 360-degree images in interesting ways. Like the Theta in the past, the new Theta V could do well in this market. Nevertheless, will its high price not frighten consumers?

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