iPhone 8: Another sign that it will be delayed due to OLED screens

iPhone 8 will be delayed due to OLED screens

Apple will announce its next generation iPhone next week as part of an Apple Park event. And, the big star of the keynote should be an OLED model, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the iPhone.

Known as a likely iPhone 8 , the new OLED model is expected to be released on September 12th. But it may not be commercialized until October . This means that while the other two iPhone expected also next week, namely the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus, will be sold on September 22, the future iPhone 8 (but probably named iPhone X or iPhone Edition) will not be available just after its announcement.

Rumors that the probable iPhone 8 would be delayed have been around the web for several months. And now, Rosenblatt’s analyst, Jun Zhang, claims that this is likely to happen, but for a different reason than what we have recently heard.

A glass back shell and a metal chassis

Most people with knowledgae of the subject said that the iPhone 8 would be delayed due to production problems with OLED displays . But Zhang specifies that it is the metal chassis that is to blame. Nevertheless, it is not yet known why this particular component causes problems to Apple.

In all likelihood, the iPhone 8 will have an edgeless screen and a glass shell glued to the metal chassis, with new features such as wireless charging and facial recognition. All these new developments suggest that the future iPhone will be sold at a considerably higher price.

Rest assured, Apple will lift the veil on its iPhone 8 next week. Afterwards, the date on which you will get hold of it remains an unknown.

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