Kodi users now have free access to Plex

Kodi users now have free access to Plex

cientific scientists who want all their media to be accessible on the big screen have probably heard about Kodi. And, those who want to have a highly customizable home theater application have certainly heard about the Plex streaming service. However, for those looking to combine both services into a personal all-in-one cinema, a premium Plex Pass for $ 4.99 per month was required. But that was true until now. Plex now allows free access to its Kodi extension , allowing the best of both worlds of streaming at home without paying more. Plex made no formal announcement about this small but significant change. Kodi, as many know, is the multimedia platform formerly known as XBMC, which is quite sophisticated and capable of being installed on almost every device. Although some classify it in the “piracy” component, it is much more useful and much loved by many.

A bargain for both services

While you no longer need to take out your Blue Card if you want to access your personal library and distribute the content on your Kodi – enabled device, payment for a Plex Pass is still necessary for additional features such as parental controls, multi-user support, and acoustic footprint.

The ability to use Plex for free is also great news for Kodi, as the service has long struggled against its reputation of attracting illegal content. Without paying a penny, Kodi users now have another legitimate option for managing their media.

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