Learn a Few Important Things About Your Refrigerator

Learn a Few Important Things About Your Refrigerator

Can you imagine our life without a refrigerator? The summer seasons in India continue for almost 75 per cent of the year in many parts of the country. Therefore, refrigerator is one of the “must have” appliance for every home. Without a refrigerator, it is almost unimaginable to live properly if you are living with a family.

However, when we buy a refrigerator of Haier, Godrej  or any other well-known brand, we tend to take everything for granted and never bother to know a few things about this appliance which is very important to know for its proper use.

Following are few most important things that every user of this appliance must know.

  • How to know correct temperature within the refrigerator

The ideal temperature in the fridge should be anything between 1 to 2ᵒ C and if it is above 4ᵒ C then it is considered to be unsafe for storing food items. Any harmful bacteria may be developed or the food may be spoiled. Therefore, it is important to know at what temperature your fridge has been set.

In order to do that you must have a refrigerator thermometer that can be placed at any place in the fridge to monitor temperature. Once you have achieved proper setting of temperature then you should not disturb it unless it is very much required.

  • How crisper drawers work?

You must be wondering how these drawers are really working, as there are few scientific theories involved and if you use them correctly then you can produce necessary humidity. In case, you have 2 crisper drawers at the base, then you must assign one for low humidity and the other for high humidity. Store fruits in the low humidity drawer. For vegetable storing you can use high humidity drawer.

  • How to organize for better ease and safety

The food has to be organized depending upon the temperature the food needs. Keep ready to eat foods on the upper shelves. Raw meat and other ingredients must be kept on lower shelves.

Keep the warmest part of the fridge for storing condiments. Do not store milk or eggs in this place as this place may be too warm for these items.

  • How to ensure efficient running

Check whether your refrigerator is losing any air from inside. Is it working very hard in order to maintain the right temperature in the fridge? Therefore, make sure that all the seals used on the door of the fridge is in perfect order and there is no scope for any leakage. Keep your foods covered so that the fridge does not have to do extra work to remove its heat and humidity. Keep the condensers clean by vacuuming them periodically.

  • How to clean the fridge

You must know how to keep your fridge perfectly clean. Do not crowd the appliance by keeping number of stuff around it. Clear the clutter around your fridge.

Knowing these things will help you to maintain longer life of your fridge.

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