Looking For The Best MIDI-Sync Apps For iPad/iPhone? We Have The List!

Best MIDI-Sync Apps For iPad/iPhone

If you’re a music lover, then MIDI files would be familiar to you. These kinds of files are usually digitized tracks coming from the instruments themselves, and therefore is something that music lovers, or people who have their mini studio would want to work with. There are a lot of music-making apps that could be availed of, and a lot of people want to know what the best free music downloader 2018 is as well. While there may be a lot of the latter, these MIDI-compatible apps may be hard to find. To make things easier for you, we have compiled the best MIDI-Sync Apps you can find on the App store.

Blip Interactive NanoStudio

The first on this list, Blip Interactive NanoStudio is touted as the most comprehensive, all-in-one tool for music production among all apps made for iOS. This app is capable of handling as many as 6 MIDI instrument tracks, which could be upped to as many as 16 when you make use of the in-app purchase. It has a wonderful mixer section that’s equipped with effects like insert, automation, and two-send channels. Apart from MIDI, it also supports outher functions and/or formats such as Audiobus, SoundCloud Export, and of course, Copy/Paste for Audio.

Retronyms Tabletop

This was one of the apps that showed great potential upon its release. With that said, the MIDI control hasn’t been introduced until a few upgrades after. It’s a need environment which shows a lot of great features, despite the initial version being a major frustration. Apart from MIDI control and compatibility, it also has iMini and iMPC which makes it even more worthy of being called “Tabletop-ready”. It is an app that has a really nice design, and a lot of music makers and lovers would definitely love this app, as it makes things more convenient, taking entire instruments and fitting them into your iPad.

Giel Bremmers MultiTrackStudio

Even if it’s one of the pricier apps in the market, it could still, nevertheless handle more MIDI tracks at once compared to others. Its in-app capacity is 16 tracks, while an expansion purchase allows you to work well with a massive 32 MIDI tracks, and all of the editing and sequencing features you would expect is actually already here. Inter-App and Audiobus are supported, and this is touted to be one of the first iOS DAW which is able to host extensions for Audio Units. Even it it does not have the most neat and slick-looking interface, it still has has a great amount of features, nevertheless.

WaveMachine Labs Auria Pro

If you’re looking for the best app for this particular list, then this may most likely be the one. With that said, it has a lot of similarities with that of a real desktop app, with all of the things you expect there to be in a desktop actually being there. It is able to record audio with a sample rate range of 96kHz, either through the built-in microphone, or its audio interface which is iPad-compatible. If you want to work with MIDI tracks, however, you would need the help of the Pro version, as well as know how to do sequencing through the piano roll editor, flexible automation, real-time quantise, and of course Virtual MIDI. These instruments work well with the bundled effects as well. If you’re looking for a high-powered app, this is the best one for you.


One of the cheapest ones on this list, this app is best for beginners, and was made primarily to create, export, and load Amiga Protracker modules. This is one of the most basic apps there are for working with MIDI, and it has made a name for being a humble and simple kind of tracker application. To those who are not really into effects, and to those who simply want an app to stitch up their music tracks into one, and probably convert their MIDI apps and work elsewhere, then this is definitely the perfect app for you to make use of.

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