Moleskine Smart Planner turns your notes into Google and iCal events

Moleskine Smart Planner turns your notes into Google and iCal events

The popular Moleskine notebook brand announced that its next agenda will offer integration with the cloud . The calendar will be able to send information to Google Calendar and Apple iCal. To do this, it will use the ” Livescribe  ” technology  to detect your writing and synchronize it online.

The product is the latest notebook  from Moleskine’s Smart Writing collection  . The latter will use sensors capable of detecting precisely where you are on the page, and what you are writing. So, when you write with the Livescribe pen, the sensors are able to recognize your movements and create a digital counterpart. So far, Moleskine has been able to synchronize handwritten notes using the smartphone camera or by connecting the pen. As a result, the content was dumped into the Moleskine Notes application, making it possible to have digital copies of your writings. Unfortunately, until today, if you wanted to scan the appointments of your calendar, you always had to enter them online.

TechCrunch reports that Moleskine’s new calendar, the Smart Planner, will eliminate this requirement while offering automatic downloading to popular cloud services . This is a first for the brand’s Smart Writing Set, offering Moleskine a unique feature that even ”  Livescribe  ” technology does not offer.

Make an appointment it’s noticed!

The Moleskine Smart Planner will easily transform your paper appointments into a digital appointment

The meetings and appointments you make on your calendar will be synchronized with your digital account . At launch, iCal calendars from Apple and Google Calendar will be supported. Events will be automatically added to the calendar at the correct time and at the time you write. This simplifies the transition between paper and digital formats.

To activate synchronization, you will need the calendar itself, and Moleskine’s smart pen. Without the pen, none of the digital features will work. The technology is based on the pen, able to track your movements and record notes as you write them. It then uses character recognition to transcribe the text digitally for permanent storage.

The stylus is capable of storing up to 1,000 pages of writing in its internal memory. It is unlikely that everyone will fill it, as several notebooks should be consumed before the limit is reached. The pen can sync to your Wi-Fi smartphone so that your notes are ready as soon as you open the application.

Moleskine will launch the Smart Planner next week. The latter will cost $ 29, or a small sum. Unfortunately, to use its digital features, you will need to purchase it as a Smart Writing Set . This will cost you 199 euros in order to have the  Paper Tablet and pen Pen +. Although it is not for all budgets, it is still nice to see such an evolution

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