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How to Check IMEI Number of Any Android Phone and iPhone

Check IMEI Number of Any Android Phone and iPhone

Do you want to register your phone or sell one online? If so, chances are you may be asked for an IMEI number. Do you know how to find one? Don’t worry; the article is going to provide you with insights regarding IMEI number. But what’s an IMEI number? IMEI is International Mobile Station Equipment Identity is a number that is assigned to phones sold through official channels. The number is so unique. What is the value of the number? If your phone is stolen or if you lose your…

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Pros and Cons of a Data Center

Data Science

Growing business and non-business organizations need a robust enterprise infrastructure that can meet or exceed their user demands. A big and critical decision facing most CIOs is whether or not they must create their own data center. With numerous data center colocation providers and cloud hosting vendors vying for your company, most IT decision makers must crunch the numbers to determine the most effective solution. To determine if you can set up your company’s data center, it’s advisable to weigh the benefits and cons of setting up a data center…

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Top Israeli health tech startups looking to break into the Chicago market

In healthcare news, the first-ever Chicago-Israel Health Tech Summit, that recently took place at the MATTER offices in downtown Chicago, featured leaders from Chicago-area health systems and 20 of Israel’s most promising healthcare startups that are looking to bring their innovations to the city. “Israel has one of the world’s most vibrant communities of healthcare entrepreneurs — and most of them look to the United States to commercialize their technologies,” said Steven Collens, CEO of MATTER. We’ve put together a roundup of startups that are planning to bring their disruptive…

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x-carve price and amazing use of this laser engraving kit


People are now fascinated by laser engraving heads. In the past having an elegant design in the woods used to cost a huge amount of money. Even after having tons of money, some of the designs were too much complex for human experts. This is where the laser carving tools kick into action. By using a CNC laser carving technology you can easily create stunning designs in woods and leathers. Let’s say you are looking to make a kitchen cabinet with elegant designs in the door. Do you think it’s…

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