Self-Defence for Women

Self-Defence for Women

Today, women have more options to protect themselves than ever before. Self-defence choices ranging from primitive weapons such as sticks and stones to technologically enhanced weapons and proven martially scientific training methodologies. There are many self-defence choices available to enhance personal safety.

Personal Objectives for Self-Defence:

Defining your self-defence objective can more accurately determine better choices of your self-defence training endeavors. Women chose self-defence classes for a variety of reasons: fun, exercise, fitness, sport, artistic movement, hobby, self-protection, therapeutic healing from sexual assault or an abusive relationship. Many want to learn skills to fight back and increase available options against harm and associated fears of assault, if and when needed.

Personal safety Weapons:

Protective items may successfully stop an attack such as chemical agents, electronic devices, and weapons. The most common are pepper spray, tasers, and so. Sometimes these are referred to as quick fix items that can become a “crutch” that creates dependency, reduce environmental awareness, downplay intuitive warnings, and weaken response to threats, both physically and mentally.

Society’s approach towards crime against women:

Rape, molestation, kidnapping, and murder are the most common forms of crime against women in India. The women in India are also vulnerable to acid attacks and eve teasing. The mindset of the people including the victim and the spectator is to ignore and just let it go. But, what we, as the responsible citizens of an independent country, fail to realize is that these instances of harassment can flare up to other bigger heinous crimes against women. And that is when the importance of learning self-defence techniques for women is felt.

Measures that women should take to safely steer away from danger:

Note down the number of the cab when traveling alone, also enroll themselves for self-defence classes and learn several techniques to physically fight the attacker. You can also opt for training in basic karate, kickboxing, and traditional stick fighting.

Tricks for Self-defence:

Pretend to be submissive at first and fight back when the attacker is off-guard, also, stay fit enough to run work. Keep a check when walking on the road to avoid groping or chain-snatching from behind and keep your purse to your front and walk paying full attention around. Try avoiding high-heeled footwear when you have to walk a long distance in unknown territories. Say out ‘STOP’ in a loud aggressive voice when the need is but avoid using swear words or threats.

Though the self-defence training might not be easily available everywhere, women can make up for this by being updated about the gender violence issues across newspapers, television, and magazines. Also, the women in smaller cities can learn self-defence techniques from websites which have proper training content and tutorials.

Best Self-Defence apps all women must have:

Your phone can turn into a lifesaver gadget if you’ve got the right tools set up. youcant carry weapons all the time, but you do carry your smartphone. W its tons of self-defence apps available, you can learn the much-needed technique to protect yourself.

You can also use your phone to instantly alert others for help. Applications like Boxx, Safe Trek, Red panic button and also the Fight Back app which makes use of GPS tracking to allow women to send out a signal should harm come their way. So, if you want to fight off street goons to defend yourself or send emergency SOS for help, these apps are very helpful, also smartphones like the OnePlus 3, Moto G5s Plus, Panasonic Eluga Ray 550 are light on the pocket and have enough space to get your apps in place and are also easy to maintain.

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