The Beedeez Training application is renewed

The Beedeez Training application is renewed

Innovative and complementary players in vocational training , MICROPOLE LEARNING SOLUTIONS and BEEDEEZ form a partnership in order to offer the best mix of vocational training to companies. Indeed, Beedeez Training offers a solution for mobile learning easy to use, efficient and collaborative that perfectly complements the expertise of MICROPOLE LEARNING SOLUTIONS  on deploying devices training tailored. By working in cooperation with its customers, the BEEDEEZ team was able to take advantage of their feedback and today offers a new version of its Beedeez Training application !

The Beedeez Training application is renewed

What changed ?

The  design has been redesigned to improve the use of the application and thus to improve the commitment of the learners .

The navigation is now optimized through improved ergonomics and experience learning more fluid and intuitive. In constant evolution, BEEDEEZ develops gamification within its pedagogical paths and thus promotes the skill growth of learners. Indeed, the application now provides users with new features: Swipe Card , Hole Text, Special Beedeez Game, “Replay the Capsule”, Detailed Statistics.

For further :

To find out more about the application, download the demo version on your blinds! You will have the opportunity to have an overview of the capsules on shelves, written by their team and partners.
For more information on the solution, visit the MICROPOLE LEARNING SOLUTIONS website .

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