The changing scenario of the cigarette industry – The technological disruptions

The changing scenario of the cigarette industry – The technological disruptions

There’s no doubt that the cigarette industry has an extensive history but mostly they have remained an uncomplicated part of technology since decades back. But advances in technology are moving at a rapid pace. The addiction and health risks have made cigarettes to be perceived in a negative manner and this has let in enough space for a newcomer to prosper in the cigarette industry.

Electronic cigarettes have loomed larger in terms of popularity since their inception in the 2000s. You’ll be rather surprised to know that currently there are more than 200 brands which sell electronic cigarettes. V2 E Cigs UK is one among them which has garnered extreme attention. The new market for vapers is completely unregulated.

Regulation troubles regarding the electronic cigarette market

With any market that’s new, there has to definitely be a catch-up and the electronic cigarette industry is not an exception. The e-cigarettes have enjoyed the dearth of any kind of restrictions on adding candy-coated flavors which range from peanut butter to peach schnapps. Such flavors have been banned in the traditional cigarette industry since the year 2009. Hence due to the fact that this new vaping technology offers a wide range of flavors, this has become the greatest selling point.

Do the electronic cigarettes mean the end of all traditional cigarettes?

The rise of electronic cigarettes has given a big disruption to an industry which was stable enough. Cigarette manufacturers have started building their own brands of e-cigarettes and they have even bought many other valuable e-cigarette companies. One element which the electronic cigarette owners have in their favor is the manner in which they’re presented. Due to the unhealthy stigma that is attached with the traditional cigarettes, the electronic counterparts are usually presented as a healthier option. Keeping in mind that it is a luxury product, even with regulation, this is an aura which will most likely stay on. Hence, it shows that even after the arrival of any kind of regulation, the vapers will still be able to test the e-cigs in the store.

Hence it goes without mention that the e-cigarettes have created an immense shock of modernity within the old industry of cigarettes. Although the new technology is still within its nascent stage, it’s clear that the floodgates are already opened. It goes without mention that the electronic cigarettes will stay and they’re probably changing the way in which the cigarette business works. It’s all about the right time.

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