The Mix Of Sport and Technology

The Mix Of Sport and Technology

The first thing that you think about when you hear the word technology is your phone. After that, it’s any number of new gadgets which are being produced and marketed every day. The last thing that you likely think about is a sport.

However, despite this, technology plays a significant role in not only training athletes but recording and reporting for the sport. Keep reading to find out more about how technology and sports are mixed.

Walking Away With Technology

If you take a look at the Groupon Coupons page for Finish Line then you will see a range of high-quality shoes at discounted prices. But if you look closer you will also find shoes which have a space allocated for a small fitness-sensor. Once installed, these shoes become smart-devices, recording a range of user data from the distance walked, to the speeds you achieved, right through to how your foot hits the ground and the movements that it does during your step!

This information is not only beneficial to professional level athletes but is also a great way to reduce injuries for people just looking to improve their health and fitness levels with some cardio based exercise. For example, if you are looking to take up running then knowing just how your ankle and foot moves as you run can be a great way to help you find better shoes and to reduce injuries.

Cricket Wickets

If you have watched a cricket match on television recently then you may have noticed that they seem to show you impossible camera angles. That’s because there is a range of camera in the field, including ones in the wickedest themselves!

However, this isn’t where cricket wickets top mixing with technology. A range of other sensors inside each wicket records minute details including whether or not a ball made the slightest amount of contact with the wicket as it passed and whether the batter is out or not!

Smart Balls

Have you ever wondered how fast you can throw a ball? Ever wondered how far? Have you ever thought about the motion or your arm, your grip, the spin on the ball, and it’s entire journey towards the batter?

If the answer is yes to either of those then you will love smart balls. Used primarily for pitchers to throw more accurate pitches, smart balls are readily available in sports stores and can provide you with a range of information which can help you improve your game.

These balls work be connecting to your smartphones via Bluetooth. Each time that you throw the ball, reporting data is sent out an app on your phone which shoes you details information about your throw and how the ball traveled. Many of these apps can even provide you with feedback to help you improve your throws each time.

While you may not be a professional athlete, if you have ever wanted to improve your sports skills, consider how technology can help.

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