The Why of Taking the Agile And Scrum Course?

Agile And Scrum Course

Agile is about team collaboration and communication with each member bringing in his domain expertise to the table. With this Agile Scrum Course, you are ready from day one to make a difference to the organization by ensuring project management and teamwork collaborations, rapid release-cycles and the Agility to adapt and resolve complex issues quickly.

Agile and Scrum Course Prerequisites

A curious mind, being an excellent team player, and the will to succeed is all that is required. A computer or tablet with a high-speed data connection and headphones will enable you to enjoy your sessions. Project Managers, developers, testers, coders and product owners are bound to find value in it. The course aims at equipping you to better your career prospects with a relevant set of key skills. The high demand for professionals with expertise in this field will ensure you earn remunerations that may sound outstanding.

Features and Benefits

  • KnowledgeHut is a reputed REP for the Scrum Alliance and PMI. They train individuals and corporate groups globally on the latest technological practices. Their course completion certificate is widely acceptable and opens the doors to better job prospects. The course validates your expertise and new skill sets that are bound to impact the business in its management, productivity, continuity, and Agility.
  • The Agile Scrum Course enables you in just 1 day or 8 hours of e-learning at your convenience on the best Agile route practices, relevant industry tricks, and tips on how to resolve issues in a Scrum environment.
  • KnowledgeHut represents the Scrum Alliance as its Global REP ensuring your certification is worth the opportunity to validate your certification and the money you pay for it. They make you confident and ready to take on the industry from the word ‘Go’.
  • Industry prepared international curriculum is delivered by trained and experienced mentors.
  • The courses offered are always demand based and offer further learning for future developments and the best skill upgrades available.
  • On completion, you get an Agile, and Scrum Course completed certification from them along with access to modules of e-learning for 100 hours.
  • Only hands-on exercises, virtual classrooms, and practice on real-world industry relevant simulations are used in the workshop to bring you up to speed.

About The Course:

The course is apt for anyone who wants to upgrade their knowledge and skill sets. Even the interested and willing to learn are free to apply. Students are provided with the requisite PDUs and SEUs to enable your certification and validation as a Certified Scrum Product Owner or Certified Scrum Master.

What Do You Learn?

You get to discover complex environments and real-world issues during project work that will help you learn why the Agile suite is a good match for software development and why it works smarter than the older methodologies. You are equipped with the Agile route of ‘Conceptualize-Initiate-Delivery-Deployment’ which you learn through application and practical sessions under the tutelage of certified industry experienced trainers. You will be familiar with the development process of solutions, people challenges and team-work in organisations who are Agile.

If you have not made your step into the technological world, there is no better time than today to do so.

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