Tips for Energy Companies

The energy industry continues to change, and consumers have access to various forms of energy supplies. Consumers are also more educated, and the movement to conserve and engage in more green energy products is forcing energy companies to rebrand, offer additional energy services, and offer educational materials to ensure their customers are receiving real information.

Because energy companies are engaging in rebranding, social mediaand connecting with customers is important to make sure online materials support their product offerings, and goals. The tips below offer insight into how to handle each of these areas, and deliver great customer service to assist with customer retention.

Four Tips for Energy Companies

  1. Up-to-Date Website– Current customers and new customers need to be able to navigate energy company websites. It needs to be optimized for mobile usage with the increase of visits to websites being performed on consumers’ phones and tablets. Ensure that customers can pay online and have options to make contact with the proper departments. Make it easy to view billing information, request an appointment, or ask questions.
  2. Embrace Social Media – Educate your customers. There is so much information out there; you have to be able to provide the best source to insure your customers have the right knowledge about energy. Another great idea is to provide energy saving tips to help them during the winter and summer months. Use social media to promote your brand, post your tips, and interact with customers. Use plenty of content with your brand. Using social media to communicate with customers in near real time is also another benefit. In emergency situations you can post updates and customers will be able to view status of the situations as they unravel.
  3. Educate Customers –With various energy alternatives, and the combination of consumers moving and being pushed towards green energy it is important to educate consumers on the different energy products available to them through your energy company. Provide real science behind energy sources, and how they are harvested. It is also a great idea to provide sources for how your energy company has impacted the community positively including supporting businesses.
  4. Energy Company Employee Scheduling – Serving customers in a timely manner is a huge concern. Technicians have multiple residences and places of business to attend to during their shifts and must be able to address issues quickly to restore power, or perform installations. Setting up the proper shift scheduling will increase customer satisfaction as their technicians will arrive on time and perform the necessary tasks.

Energy companies can combine their use of their website, and social media platforms to brand themselves for today’s energy environment, educate customers, and improve their customer service. They must attack their customer relationships from multiple angles including the service side so they can maintain a stellar reputation and obtain testimonials from customers.

By creating a circle of education, relationship, performance, and engagement energy companies can adapt to the changing environment of the energy industry, and enhance their customer retention.

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