Top 5 Digital Marketing Platforms for Brand Promotion

Top 5 Digital Marketing Platforms for Brand Promotion

When it comes to promotion of your brand, website or blog, it is quite a bit difficult if you started doing each and everything manually with old strategy and ideas way. But there are a lot of Digital marketing Platforms available these days which you can make use of to promote you brand easily and increase the traffic on your websites by time more and more.


If you are using the internet for technical research you might surely have once reached on this website. It features a lot of useful content as well is one of the best Digital Marketing platforms for brand promotion. Hubspot has all the important features all integrated in one single platform, which is very easy to use. You can make use of it for SEO and other major concepts of digital marketing such as multi-device testing.


This is now a part of Salesforce, they have a lot of tools which can be used for Digital Marketing management purposes and promotion of your or your client’s brand. This involves a lot of tools such as tools to establish online relationships with other brands and customers. You can use it for emailing and automation purposes. This tools also helps you in multiple level approach and analyzing the results.


If you have so many projects to manage at the same time, then Marketo is a perfect choice which can help you in the automation of promoting the brands on Digital Marketing platforms. You can start multi-level and multi-channel; campaigns, all with automation. The best part of such kind of automation is that you time is saved which you can use in other work. A Digital Marketing tool should be modern and up to date so that it can fulfil the need of promotion of any brand of the top most level.

There are some good videos on YouTube like generate business leads from Facebook and brand promotion ideas also and you must see them.


If you want a platform to increase you website traffic or brand value by getting competitor based keywords and backlinks, then SEMRush is the first choice of any digital marketer. It us a tool which get information from Google Keyword searches and rank the websites accordingly. You can see on it which is getting the traffic from which keywords. Thus you can start having content targeted for the same keyword in same niche and thus getting more and more traffic for you. This is our favorite tool for Keyword research and Site audits.


This is specially a SEO based campaigns management Digital Marketing platform. This tools will help you to look for the SEO based keywords to gain more and more traffic. This will also help you indirectly to optimize your website and thus you will end up in brand promotion after monitoring your website performance. And as like the other Digital Marketing platforms listed in this article, this tool also has the concept of automation to save your time.

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So, these are the top 5 tools which you can use as Digital Marketing Platforms for Brand Promotion. Do share it with your friends to help them find the best Digital Marketing Platforms out there.

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