Top 5 Tech Reviewers you must follow

Second opinions always prove useful when it comes to making big decisions. For instance when you are confused about which smartphone to choose. It is completely fine to be apprehensive before taking the final plunge since there are so many features in a phone. Be it a long-lasting battery or a sleek looking phone or a good quality camera, we want it all on our smartphone. With so many features to play with, the permutation and combination of available phones increase manifold. A consolidated data in this situation can make the whole process easier and less overwhelming.

Youtube is one such platform where you can find precise reviews and specifications about all range of phones. Smartphones go under the careful scrutiny of these reviewers. Hence choosing the right channel, which you can trust blindly, is very important. Here is a list of 5 Tech reviewers you can depend on for fair reviews.

1. Geekyranjit

Based out of Hyderabad, Ranjit Kumar had been working with computers for over 25 years as an IT consultant. He then quit his job to start this channel, which has over 1 million followers as of now. Along with this, he also runs a gadget review website named He has a separate channel called Geekyranjit in Hindi where he does the same reviewing, unboxing in Hindi for his Hindi target audience.

Top 5 Tech Reviewers you must follow

2. Sharmaji technical

Just like Ranjit Kumar, Praval Sharma host of Sharmaji Technical worked in IT sector as a technical engineer before finally starting his YouTube channel. He is one of the earliest Tech reviewers with a following of 7 lakhs and counting. Apart from reviewing gadgets on his channel he also has his own Android App where you can find his videos.

Sharmaji technical

3. Gadgets to use

Owned by Abhishek Bhatnagar, previously a software engineer and now a professional blogger uploads videos every day. His motto is “Do You Know? One Sided Love Works, It’s Called Gadget Love” and he sure has proven that. With almost 7 lakh followers he too gives his reviews in Hindi. He also owns his technology media house called Technixmedia wherein he provides several blogs, websites and web services.

Gadgets to use

4. Intellect Digest

Rohit Khurana, host of Intellect Digest provides updates on technology, gadgets, smartphones, tablets and communication devices. He also talks about the latest happenings and launches in the technology world. He puts his reviews every day from Monday to Friday and sometimes a few sessions on weekends, all in English. He started his channel in the year 2012 and in these 5 years he has attracted a pretty decent following of almost 3 lakhs.

Intellect Digest

5. Tech Dhruv

Started in 2015, Tech Dhruv has already gained 2 million views with half a lakh followers. Don’t be fooled by his age because his reviews are way better than many other older tech reviewers. His content is purely technical with reviews of all kinds of smartphones. In the coming few years he is definitely going to take over some well-known tech reviewers.

Tech Dhruv

Technology is revolutionizing every second of the day. There is always something new coming out in the market. In a booming market like that of smartphones, it becomes impossible to keep up with all the new launches. And so tech reviewers like mentioned above come to the rescue with all the latest and minute details you would want.

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