Top tips for the rookie web developer

Top tips for the rookie web developer

So, you got a diploma in web development – congrats! There is plenty of work out there for a smart, creative person like you, and we know you’re going to kill it out there. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind before setting out into the world of work – check’em out below…

1) Don’t throw yourself in the deep end

When the average rookie web developer sets out into the marketplace, they are eager to please any client willing to throw a project their way. Doing this with no regard for the complexity of a given task is a huge mistake, as many applications require innovative solutions which may be beyond the grasp of programmers fresh out of school.

Don’t start your career with an anchor around your neck because you bit off more than you could chew. Be honest about your abilities, and be willing to accept work within your comfort zone at the beginning to give yourself time to build up a professional portfolio.

As you move through these ‘easy’ web design projects, you’ll inevitably come across situations which will force you to use your problem solving skills. Over time, the experience you’ll accrue will allow you to approach more difficult projects years down the road with the confidence needed to complete them.

After a hard day of coding, every web developer needs a way to relax and unwind if they are to stay sane over the long term. Some craft wood, others play volleyball in a local adult league, but if you’re like us, online gaming is the thing that helps you blow off steam.

There are countless sites on the web which accept fiat and cryptocurrency that allow you to play games like poker, roulette, and baccarat for (potential) profit. They are doing even lotto these days – check them out – it might be the right stress reliever for you!

2) Constantly challenge and stretch your abilities

Want to move up in the world of web development and computer programming? You need to be constantly learning, as new languages and standards are being crafted every year. If there is a new way of structuring code which is achieving incredible results for programmers, you need to learn about it so you can offer it to your clients.

By doing this, you’ll leapfrog ahead of those content to lean back on what they learned in school. They’ll keep scraping by, while you will prosper.

3) Make use of established resources

As important as it is to innovate, there are quick and dry ways of getting around common problems which can save you enormous amounts of time. Don’t try to be a hero by reinventing the wheel – search the web to see if there is an easy solution to the problem which is preventing you from progressing.

If it doesn’t stink, implement it and move on – save the elaborate fixes for the truly complex issues.

4) Be easy on yourself

Web development can be a tough field at times, but remember – you weren’t put on this Earth to just write code. You deserve to live life fully, to love others, and to appreciate the beauty of this world.

Don’t spend all your hours behind a desk – stand up for yourself when you feel like you’ve been working too much.

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