Vidmate is one of the most impressive YouTube downloader particularly handed-down neatly to download videos through the direct access from YouTube into your mobile phones. It is quite a magnificent app specially designed for Android apps. Almost around 10000+ users are fully downloading Vidmate downloader latest version on 9 Apps for every week. It is an awesome free tutorial application implied with photos present in them. Additionally, the utmost latest version of the app has been assisted with various updated features in them. The app provides you complete liberty of downloading various kinds of videos which are completely applicable on YouTube through the direct access without optimized limitation incurred in them. The Vidmate allows the user to have a quick access by finding, searching and downloading YouTube videos. As the downloading always take place at the background and thus you can keep on watching, browsing the internet, tweeting and listening to your music as the download is being done.

And thus, the Top Media and Video app is of about 6.4M and is quite smaller in size but fully features a lot in them.  All the downloaded videos can be directly saved on your videos to SD card memory and can view them later on whenever applicable. The app is totally free and easy to access the Vidmate app so that you can approach in watching your most favourite videos. The app also very well obtains in providing you complete access in selecting the quality of the video which you would like to download such as in HD quality or any other resolutions. Basically the format of the Vidmate download which is been chosen by you might need an extra app so that you can play such kind of files. And hence, when a certain video has been downloaded by using the Vidmate app then automatically the video will be saved to your storage card. Thus, Vidmate is recommended to be the quickest and the most popular YouTube downloader. Finally, let us have a look at its beautiful features present in them.


Here are below some of the major genetic factors of the app, have a glance at them

  1. Briskly downloading mode obtaining multiple connections for a download
  2. Various download resolutions are opted in this app
  3. Multi-download taken place at the background
  4. Recommence downloading
  5. Converting the videos to MP3
  6. All your videos can be very well shared on Google Buzz, Twitter or e-mail
  7. Almost all of your videos can be saved to your YouTube account by obtaining a playlists


Overall, the Vidmate app is simple and completely free to use without any worries as it is fully accessible in the app store of 9apps through the link of APK file and obtain all the full downloading of YouTube instantly.  

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