Wanna be a React Native Developer?

Wanna be a React Native Developer?

Description: Becoming a React Native developer is not everyone’s cup of tea. Here, is the article to help you out. One thing, which is necessary is your dedication towards learning the things.

You must be looking for the solution to become a React Native developer that’s why you are here. I must say you’ve made a good decision! Why? React Native, nowadays, is one of the trending JavaScript frameworks. With this, you can develop cross-platform.

Therefore, in this write-up, I am planning to give you a complete guide that will help you to learn React Native app development. More precisely, I would give you a complete roadmap on how to go ahead. So, let’s us begin without wasting the time.

Learn JavaScript: It is tough to learn React Native without learning JavaScript. Therefore, I will suggest you understand the fundamentals of JavaScript first. As soon as you get the understanding of JavaScript, things will become easier for you. Here are the key free resources from where you can learn JavaScript:

  • Org: If you’re searching for the most interactive method of understanding JavaScript, then your hunt may conclude at learn-js.org. With the help of this website, you can learn the fundamentals of JavaScript by going through a lesson and then a code editor.
  • Mozilla Developer Network: It has a devoted tutorial on JavaScript. This tutorial will walk you through the fundamentals of the language. The lessons will start to become complicated once you navigate across lessons from beginner to intermediate and finally to advanced.

Learn ES2015+ (ES6+): In the next step, you need to learn the newest edition of the ECMAScript standard. There is no need to use ES6+ in React Native, however, ES6 is the newest way to go for JavaScript. With features, like arrow functions, variable destructuring, the rest or spread operator, ESNext helps in making the coding easier.

  • Mozilla Developer Network Series: It is a great resource to get the understanding of some smart ES6 hacks.
  • ES6 Course on Pluralsight: If you don’t like reading long technical tutorials, then this course is introduced to teach you the core features of the recent edition of JavaScript. Moreover, this includes the latest technologies, as well as the tools to leverage them on the server and in the browser with Node.js.

Learn React: Now that you’ve had knowledge of both, JavaScript and ES6+ ecosystem, you can jump on the React bandwagon. In order to become a better React Native developer, learn React.js. It has almost the similar API surface as React Native. This is my personal suggestion to learn from at least two tutorials. If you do so, you can grab the fundamentals from different perspectives.

  • Learn React by itself: If you are a beginner and wish to understand React on its own, then this is a great tutorial to consider.
  • io: It is a course by Kent C. Dodds, who is an open source enthusiast and JS developer. It gives you a wonderful introduction of the framework.

Enter React Native: Now, when you have an understanding of React, start with React Native. These are the tutorials for this:

  • Building iOS and Android Apps with Javascript: It is a tutorial by Christine Abernathy. The tutorial walks you through the procedure of creating your first React Native app for iOS. Here, you will learn the method to install the needed tools and implement the basics of React Native. This include, app structuring, hot reloading, etc.
  • React Native Cheat Sheet: Regardless of the current number of bookmarks, this React Native cheat sheet must go up your bookmark bar. It is an excellent method to avoid the frustration of mid-learning and focus on the other important things.

Set up Your Environment: After the understanding of React Native working, you need to proceed for the setting-up development environment for iOS and Android.

  • React Native Environment setup: Go to this article, written by Paul Napier, and learn how to set up the complete environment for React Native. You need to learn it for both the platforms i.e. iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

I have discussed the key points to become a React Native developer. You need be focussed if you really want to achieve your goal. So, learn as much as you can. Put your 100% efforts.

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