Which are the best Big Data Podcasts

best Big Data Podcasts

For anyone who is interested in learning about data one of the best ways is to learn from the experts. As we all know, data now drives a large chunk of society as a whole and plays,  a critical role in the kind of work that do and see on a daily basis. Data drives everything from business decisions to government choices and can play an absolutely critical role in business growth across the board.

One of the best mediums to learn through, though, is podcasting. Big data podcasts can have a huge and positive effect on how you work as a business. Not only can it help you to learn more about the power of data, but you can get better ideas on how to ideally utilize and strengthen your business with data.

Data does play a much larger role than one might have presumed at first. There’s a key reason why podcasts can be such a good learning tool, too; you can get a much more conversational education. Instead of trying to take in the rigid structure of an article or the extensive detail found in a video, you can take data in much easier through the medium of audio.

So, with that in mind, you should do all that you can to look closer at how to find the best podcasts on the subject at hand. One podcast that we can recommend you check out is the Data Podcast.

This has been going for some time now, and has become a premium source of information and inspiration on all things data if you are serious about learning more about data, then this is a fine place to start. They are a very intricate and engaging podcast that cuts into everything from business technology to SQL, Python, Azure and general Big Data methodology. That makes it a very fun podcast to listen to.

It’s not just about education in actual analysis of data, though. For example, at the time of writing on of the most recent podcasts was with Bill In mon. Bill is considered by many to be among the most powerful minds in the data industry, given he is the father of Data ware house. He talks candidly about the history of Data ware house, and its relevancy today in the age of big data.

It’s not just about learning from the experts, it’s about educating yourself on the history of data. Only by fully understanding the entire world that surrounds data can be begin to fathom and comprehend what it stands for, and the almost unique role that it plays in the industry that we inhabit today.

That obviously makes for a unique conversation piece, and a fine educational tool. So, if you know that data is going to play a major role in the future of your business, you should perhaps look to tap into the power of big data.

For an interesting listen on a regular basis, then, check out the Data Podcast.

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