Which one is better | SoundTouch 10 or SouncTouch 20

SoundTouch 10

SoundTouch 10 or 20? It is always the confusion in the buyers head.

Bose is an electronic brand that has launched some very decent and amazing electronics. Talking about the trending wireless speakers; Bose has its own line of the SoundTouch wireless speakers. And each of their speaker set is engineered intelligently, is unique and worth the money.

The best selling and the most known wireless Bluetooth speakers from the Bose SoundTouch family are the SoundTouch 10 and the SoundTouch 20.

Even though SoundTouch 20 is launched after the huge success of the SoundTouch 10; but people still prefer the SoundTouch 10 better.

This is one of the Bluetooth speaker reviews where you will find out which of the SoundTouch’s model is better and what to buy.


Don’t go on the compact size of the SoundTouch 10 wireless speaker; it has the sound as loud as that and can rock two rooms at once. It is a multi room speaker; so you can connect another Bose speaker in another room and connect both; and listen to the same song at once.

SoundTouch 10

You can listen to your favorite songs with no wires attached, via Bluetooth. Just connect your gadget from your SoundTouch 10 speaker and you can even listen to songs directly from apps like YouTube.

This Bose SoundTouch wireless Bluetooth speaker is also connected from a mobile app ‘SoundTouch app’. Expand your musical universe by connecting your wireless speaker from music services like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn.

Apart from the crystal clear sound, deep and warm bass and loud voice; this Bose model wins at the looks too. It is a very sleek and stylish compact sized speaker that will make your counter top even more attractive.

These were the main features of the Bose SoundTouch 10. Let’s move and look at the features of the Bose next launch- SoundTouch 20.


The larger the device the larger the sound; this Bose SoundTouch model is a very large speaker that will need entire space to set. But, it also delivers the sound just as loud and clear.

From the SoundTouch app; that you can download on your smart phone; you can easily play and control music by relaxing on your couch and just by a touch.

The only drawback of the SoundTouch 20 is that it does not support music apps like Spotify and Deezer. Although, it fully supports Apple Airplay so you can directly stream music from your Apple device.

The SoundTouch 20 is a big speaker, but is just as sleek and stylish. It will make your table and area look more modern and nice.

If you want louder sound, go for the SoundTouch 20 wireless music system.

Both the Bose SoundTouch models are decent and offer all the amazing qualities. The only difference is the size and the app connectivity.

Also, you will not regret investing money on either of these Bose speaker models.

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