Why It Important to Use CRM systems For Distributors

It Important to Use CRM systems For Distributors

In fact, CRM is an automated management of interactions with customers. If you work in the distribution industry, then the CRM system is the best solution for the most efficient and productive management and sales activities for your business.

Most likely, you do not work with one client. You have a lot of them and need to interact with them every day. To do this effectively, you have to store information about each client and use it correctly. It is extremely inconvenient to store data on scattered media (in a diary, in a mail, on record sheets) – there is always a risk to miss a moment, forget about an important call, a meeting and so on. As a consequence,the business meets loss of the client and, accordingly, loss of profit.

To solve that problem, the company should use special CRM solutions for distributors which are provided by various vendors of CRM systems and are simple and convenient programs for automating business in the field of sales.

Here you can read about more advantages of CRM systems for your business.

What distributor can do with it:

  • create a single database in the CRM system for customers, partners, requests, orders, transactions, tasks, accounting for payment and so on;
  • differentiate access to this database for employees;
  • form quickly and accurately any documents, conduct mailings, addressed personally to each client;
  • unite and coordinate all your employees from different offices and cities in the same information space;
  • receive reports on the work of your company in real time;
  • keep and accumulate working information regardless of changes in the company’s personnel.

We propose you to compare three excellent CRM solutions for distributors and choose one particular for your business.


Bpm’online provides an efficient CRM for distributors which consolidate all the necessary information about supplying customers and manufacturers from different sources. With the help of this tool, you can register various client data; record the relationships between contacts and the interaction history. Built-in integration with the accounting system allows you to get the necessary financial informationquickly. In addition, the system allowssegmentation of the access rights to data for groups, individual users and according to the territory. You can read themore detailed information at https://www.bpmonline.com/distribution.

More possibilities of bpm’online:

  • Attracting customers
  • Fulfillment of an order
  • Customer service management
  • Improving the quality of interaction with partners and suppliers
  • Activity analysis


OroCRM for distributors allows managing all marketing campaigns and sales activities around customer information. It gives an opportunity to treat everysingle customer with the high-quality service basing on stored data such as contact details, previous deals and purchase history.

More possibilities of OroCRM:

  • Intelligent account management
  • E-commerce integration
  • Workflow tailoring
  • Customer data storing
  • Sales processes management
  • Marketing activities management

Salesorder.com CRM

Salesorder.com is positioning itself as software for distributors, wholesalers and e-commerce.  Its 360 degreesCRM solution provides all means for better customer service. Distributors will be able to keep and share any contact information, communication and activities details.

More possibilities of Salesorder.com CRM:

  • Sales funnel management
  • Sales pipeline analysis
  • Sales reports production
  • Reports segmentation and customization
  • Email integration
  • Leads capturing and tracking

Description: Review of Best CRM for distributors to produce superior business solutions.  See benefits of CRM systems.

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